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The inability of a man to get or maintain an erection in circumstances where the opportunity and the desire for sex is present. The psychological causes, among others, can include intimidation, insecurity, sexual humiliation, and feelings of inadequacy. Such feelings are often triggered by the discovery of his wife's infidelities, and can have a major impact on the future of the marriage.
Bonnie admitted to her husband one night that in desperation from the sexual neglect she had been suffering at home, she had for several years been seeking out and getting the heaven she craved from the stiff cocks of other men. And she blamed it all on him.

Mike thought about all the fights they'd had about sex, about all the times Bonnie had threatened him over the years. He thought about the times she had stormed out, and when he had demanded to know where she was going, she had snapped, "out to get fucked." But in his state of denial, he kept believing they were just idle threats and he ignored them.

But with the bitter truth crashing down around him, Mike became impotent because of the humiliation and shame and had a limp cock for months afterward.

Although Bonnie assured him that none of his friends or coworkers knew, and that she'd only been pussy for strangers, Mike felt trapped. To leave Bonnie and divorce her would mean that all the humiliating details would come out, and everyone would know he had been a sexually inadequate cuckold.

Mike couldn't bear that, so he tried to counter the humiliation he felt and his need to keep it all a secret, by publicly pretending that everything was normal and under control in their marriage. But his impotence meant that Bonnie still needed other men in order to get off, and Mike was forced to learn to accept it. There were no more secrets between them. Mike became Bonnie's anguished but submissive limp cuck hubby who had to wait up for her, while Bonnie fucked around.
by July41944 August 04, 2009
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