You know... Limp Bizkit get a lot of bullshit. They say they suck, and that we should be listening to aging pop stars, wannabe death metal/black metal bands, and/or drugged up kids playing three chords on their guitars. They say that real emotion comes from a bunch of post-teenage poster boys wearing black and talking about love they've never had. And they say you can only rock out to stadium rockers dating the latest famous whores on the market. A lot of people give into the bullshit of what "they" say - and I don't know about the rest of you - but I've almost been lynched for limpin' with the bizkit. My hoodie is the equivalent of a crosshair to these haters - even my friends - who indulge themselves into some form of image and look just because the media told them they're listening to good music. But I stand tall against these haters because I know LB is something special.

I love that Limp Bizkit is hated by the majority - because LB becomes music understood by us, the minority, the ones who give a fuck, the ones who see this music as unique, the ones who don't see this as disposable crap like your average emo or indie band.

And to every LB fan, kudos to you.
Limp Bizkit is better than everyone. Fuck the haters.
by Beeblicowcarapis™ April 22, 2006
a good band that everyone hates cause they compare them to metallica which is pretty gay.
Hey these fags think there cool cuz they're making fun of limp bizkit, but they're not. Fags
by Timmmy January 03, 2004
1: Literally, limp dick.
2: A band led by a stupid, moronic fuckwit rapper named Fred Durst. They are considered metal only because the actual music is metal. The lyrics are FUCKING RAP!!! Fred Durst obviously doesn't know that bizkit is slang for dick.
1: The man who had erectile disfunction was called limp bizkit until he got viagra.
2: Limp Bizkit is a suck-ass band with a name that describes the dumbassed frontman quite well.
by SoulfulZen July 19, 2005
a common mispronunciation of "limp wrizted"
"hi, i'm fred durtht and i wanna take a cookie and thtick it up my ath"
by guillotine to fred durst's fagpenis September 04, 2004
A unique band. Claiming their own style mixing rap and alternative and metal. Everyone seems to diss them, well not everyone, just the goths and so called "metal heads" who compare limp bizkit to "Metallica" and omg St. Anger, such a great album. If you can't tell it's sarcasm. At least Limp Bizkit was out there creating THEIR OWN STYLE OF MUSIC, not following everyone else. There's somethign called an imagination and creativity, something obviously many of you don't have
Dude why'd you put Nookie on? Put Duality back on dude, that's true metal, we can rock out with our guitar hero controllers and pretend they're real guitars. limp bizkit
by limmy b September 20, 2007
a fuckin awesome band, and fuck all you limp haters
fuck limp haters
by anonymous May 07, 2004
An awsome band that is hated by a bunch of stupid people and hypocrites. The band has alot of talent and their singer can both rap and sing. Plus their instrumentalists can actually play their instruments. Go ahead and hate on me i don't give a shit.
Limp Bizkit Kicks ass
by Funky munky June 14, 2006

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