An okay rock band in the beginning, but they watered-down into superficial substanceless posers to fit into the MTV crowd.
If you hang a Limp Bizkit poster on your wall, it would send the price of the whole house down to $30,000.
by Sako December 24, 2003
a very shitty poser-metal band they suck ass..anyone that likes them is hella gay...listen to something good like slipknot or lamb of god
a very shitty poser-metal band..limp bizkit sucks ass
A group of males ejaculate on a person in the middle of the group.
by Anonymous November 14, 2002
Red neck mysogynst douche bags whose fans are as obese as their singer is.
Ryan Penneys and Billy Eck are goobers, no wonder they love Limp Bizkit
by Peter Parker November 13, 2003
What going on with these positive definitions? Is Limp becoming popular again? I didn't know their new album did that well. Well, nothing wrong with Fred coming back the spot light, we'll just crack more jokes about him and make parodies of his new songs.
keep posin', posin', posin' posin'(yeah)
by Sako January 09, 2004
should be called Limp Dick

I'd rather smell someone's foot odor all day than be subjected to this shit

Fred Durst would be pumping gas for beer money if it wasn't for eMTyV
Rap and Metal DO NOT mix! Oh wait- there is no definition for Limp Bizkit's "music" except maybe "SHIT"
by chicago bill December 22, 2003
A band which is the subject of yet another pathetically fanboyish urbandictionary controversy over which band/genre is better.

You know what, why don't both sides just fucking lie down and die already? It really is goddamn pathetic that you place so much of your time into this pointless conflict.
Limp Bizkit fanboy: OMG, Limp Bizkit r teh bestz0r!1shift
Limp Bizkit hater: OMG liek Limp Bizkit r teh shitz0r!1shift
Anyone with a brain: just shut the fuck up, you cowardly idiots.
by Lord of the Pies May 12, 2006

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