This is to the guy who put source six in.

Limp Bizkit are a completely and utterly shite rap/metal band!

You need to grow the fuck up man, i hate limp bizkit. I listened to them when i was like ten, and you know they suck, you know its just these guys doing it for the money. You wana good guitar player listen to Hendrix for christ sake! He did coz he was passionate for his guitar, and it was the only way he knew how to make money. the guys in limp bizkit are a bunch of little pussys who need to grow the fuck up too (with their fans). How can you listen to the album "chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavoured water", without thinking of suicide, dude! the whole intro and outro thing, what the fuck! I wana listen to some music, not some dj twatface speaking down through a synth tube!

Also if you wana listen to rap/metal, at least listen to rage aginst the machine, the guitar players amazing (tom morello). Im no huge fan of rap/metal but rage is completely acceptable!
How about you just mellow out and listen to some funk, chilis, zebra heads, im a bass player and chilis is the way forwards, there my favourite band, get the "What Hits!?" cd man. Oh sorry thats to cissy for you isn't it, you have to listen to some fuckwit rapping about how he hates life! Get stoned man, mellow out i expect you probably had a real tough up bringing didn't you! lol, oh yeah and not on that organo shit you probs buy coz you probs look about ten, some dealer just slide you some lettuce or sumthing! lol

Yo michael get a life dude!
" keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin!"
" dj lethal bring it on! (crappy mixing)"
by mole (aka henry) April 13, 2005
Top Definition
A rap metal band which is either extremely loved by its fans, or is extremely hated by metal fans who don't believe rap and metal should blend. The only rule about Limp Bizkit is you either love them oir hate them.
Metal Fan: GODDAMN Faggoty-Fagggot Ass Limp Bizkit!!! I fuckin' hate Fred Durst with his pussy-ass wannabe rapper/singer peresona and their fuckin' turntabels and their gay-ass voices!!!
LB Fan after listening to Slayer/Manowar: GODDAMN Slayer!! How the fuckin' hell can people say that this crap is better than Limp Bizkit!! All that these faggots do is scream and play their guitars hella fast!! This gay-ass shit fuckin' blows!!!
by Truth March 31, 2005
The actual meaning whether u like it or not--A game where a group of guys jack off in a circle, where a cracker is placed in the middle. The last guy to blow there load on the cracker, must eat it with all the sperm on it. Therefore the biscuit is limp cuz of the sperm. Also a band name led by Fred Durst.
Holy Shit Dude its time for some limp bizkit eatin.
by Pavelski8 September 16, 2006
A band characterized by moronic lyrics with many mentions of the word "fuck" (CuZ Th3y r teh H4Rdc0R3!!!111!!), shitty power riffs played over and over, and inane "beats" added in. Their lead "singer" Fred Durst either "raps" in a whiny bitch ass voice or "sings" in monotone. Y'know, when he's trying to be all "serious".
Limp Bizkit song: Move in now move out, hands up now hands down.

Me: What is this? The fuckin' hokey pokey?
by combat_rock November 29, 2003
A rap metal band, characterized by the fact that they named themselves after a male masturbation game.
Fred Durst: hey, lets wank over a biscuit!
Rest of band: sounds fun!
Fred Durst: yay, i get to eat it. from this day onwards we will be known as limp biscuit!
Rest of band: Limp Bizkit!
by adadadadadadhim January 27, 2007
"I'm angry, I wear a red hat, and I'm white."
see "fred durst"

hes lame
by Laura Laurent April 15, 2005
shit in a can.
stupid ass) man limp bizkit is soo cool
anyone with semi-decent musical taste)yea so is my grandmas 80-year-old pussy, u stupid fuck
by mathias hughey January 01, 2004
Fred Durst's little flaccid penis.
Limp Bizkit ain't metal. Judas Priest IS metal.
by NuMetalSucksSoBad October 09, 2003
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