A West Indian dance in which the dancers keep bending over backward and passing under a pole that is lowered slightly each time.
Go Get That Stick So We Can Limbo !
by Austin N. Abbey October 10, 2003
tacky party dance at company picnics, weddings, lame events achieved by walking under a stick of descending height
everytime i go to the company picnic there's a bunch of 12 year girls doing the limbo
by g string October 11, 2003
Laughing In My Bed Obesely
When you like to laugh in bed obesely LIMBO
by Elllliott April 04, 2010
Limbo is a famous caffe in Belgrade, Serbia. It is known for it's good coffee and exceptional interior design.
I'll be in Limbo around one, having my coffee break.
by Avramovic June 02, 2006
verb. scoring free shit via text message. pick the lowest unique number and you win.

noun. a game played through text messaging on your cell.

I Limbo'd that Wii on Limbo.
by SGW June 04, 2007
ehhhhhhh its like heaven AND hell. like heaven, u live there with eternal life and ur not punished....well, if u were GOOD in life before the coming of christ. like hell, it is a part of hell and u cant get upgraded to heaven (before christ neway) cuz its for ppl who never experienced christianity (like aborted babies and babies who died before babtism). many protestants label Catholics as being ppl who damn nethin and neone to an eternity in hell if they do not live to christian expectations, but the Catholics believe that God will show mercy on babies and other unbabtized children by sending them to limbo.

basically, it doesnt have the beautification like heaven, but it has the eternal bliss part.
ive lived a mixed life, so chances are, ill be im limbo.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e January 23, 2006
a term used on IM like lmao or lol this is limbo (laughing in my body odor)
LIMBO that was freaking hilarious!!!
by monkeysee monkeydoo May 02, 2006

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