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(LIM-be-cile), noun A corruption of the surname Limbaugh. A contraction of Limbaugh + imbecile. 1. any extremist in total accord with the doctrines, teachings, & dogma of ultra-conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. 2. one who is lacking in reason, or the common powers of understanding. 3. one easily bamboozled by a slick charlatan. 4. a person with little or no judgment, common sense, wisdom, etc. 5. a mentally deficient person with an intelligence quotient ranging from 5 to 15. 6. a person mentally equal to a chicken between three and eight months old; Limbaughcile is the lowest classification of mental deficiency, significantly below 'idiot' and 'moron'. 7. Ditto-head; fool; naive; feeble-minded.
"Tragically, the gullible Limbaughcile often amazed and embarrassed his colleagues when spouting his provincial political opinions".
by hitechbob November 12, 2009
Anyone who listens to Rush Limbaugh and agrees with him
I had to listen to the rantings of a Limbaughcile at work today, it was sofa king annoying.
by sauerquint February 14, 2009