A hardcore girl who can rap with the best of em.
"Daaaamn, did you see that Lil Z a few secs ago? She was rippin' em out!"
by RIOTeous April 07, 2009
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Top Definition
lilz = little laughs. "that was sort of funny but you don't deserve a full chuckle"

a sort of diminutive form of lolz or lulz.
"lilz, that joke was even funnier when I told it to you last week."
by Hugh the Word Definer. February 15, 2010
sexy, short, skinny, girl whose name starts with a Z.
Bob: "hey wats ur name"
Zhanna: "Zhanna"
Bob: "um what?"
Zhanna: "Zhanna"
Bob: "um...."
Zhanna: "nvm LiL-Z"
Bob: "o, aight LiL-Z."
by LiL-Z October 24, 2008

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