this is the hair round munkys bawz or a zebras anus but this is offten confused with your mothers face
is that a lillypad no its just your mamas face
Top Definition
a proper lilly pad is a chunk of fecal matter floating on a paper towel in the toilet. the creator of the lilly pad must first lay down a paper towel, then proceed to shit on it. if the shit comes out too fast, the shitter risks sinking the lilly pad so proper care is required.
I went into my ex-girlfriends hair salon and let massive lilly pad floating in her toilet.
by Adam "spankum" April 21, 2008
when you strech your sack over another mans head then hop over him like a frog. if done right it can be quite satisfying.
This is not gay... lilly pad
by jrscott2949 February 01, 2009
When you put some toiletpaper in the toilet right before you take a shit, to prevent water from splashing up your ass.
John Doe had to go on a public toilet, so he threw some paper in before he took a shit.
"Damn, that was a good Lillypad!"
by Newfagman March 11, 2009
a floating globule of shit in the toilet bowl that has a faint form, semblance. as diarrhea.
after a long night of eating all manner of finger food, and drinking jello shooters, dan could'nt believe his eyes when he looked into the toilet bowl to see one of the most digusting lilly pads he had ever floated.
by freedav05 January 07, 2007

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