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A communist conspiracy of evil and deceit. To be a lil-breeder, plagiarism is the number one rule of the game. Originality is unheard of, simply a quest of self-glorification, whilst ensuring that those deserving credit are deprived of it. Friends are never a key factor, only when needed for "information" or "services". Shortly after they have served their purpose, so-called friends are discarded.
Lil-breeders make it clear that they are indeed- "Official", although extremely unpopular amongst those of due significance.
"Please bear in mind that the fan club (lil-breeders)is subscription based and that any information on the site is for fan club members and not for reposting - we reserve the right to cancel any memberships we feel are disregarding this."

Oh, the irony.
by Kastcheji Besmertnij March 14, 2007
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