1. One of the many reasons why teenagers do drugs.

2. A person whose dreadlocks make him look incredibly smelly and in need of a shower, desperately.

3. Someone who sings/raps/talks (whatever the hell Lil Wayne does) like a cat with 30 coat hangers stuck in his throat, the majority of which have been in your mothers no-no spot.

4. Somebody who probably has their Xbox Live gamertag something along the lines of "x420Weed4Lyfe420x"

5. Someone that makes you question whether their speaking English or not because their "more gooder grammar" makes you want to gouge your own eyes out and squeeze limes into the cavities of which they used to be in.
"Yo, you wanna Lil' Wayne it up with me and smoke some an obscene amount of weed?"

"DUDE take a shower, you're starting to Lil' Wayne."

"Wow stop singing dude, your voice is Lil' Wayne."

"Wow, I came over your house to play Xbox with you, and your gamertag is THAT Lil' Wayne?! I'm leaving."

2nd Grade English Teacher - "I'm sorry, but I had to give your grammar quiz an F."

You - "Ay, yo, why?"

English Teacher - "Because you're Lil' Wayne."
by xxFarmingtonxx October 21, 2010
Lil wayne is basically one of the rappers who killed rap. He claims he is the best rapper alive and IS music. He thinks he is cool because he is from New Orleans. Even though New Orleans is ghetto as hell and one of the murder capitals of the country and he seems to be proud of it. None his lyrics make actual sense. He rythmes the same words over and over Example: Money and Money. All of his songs are either about money, Girls, Sex, Alcohol, himself, his success, new orleans, or drugs.
Lil wayne lyrics:

I tell her bartender just straight patron

man I'm takin one of these girls home

and we can do what we do we grown

we can do what we do we grown
by Eh-ra-kuh August 13, 2009
the lamest son of a bitch alive to ever pick up a microphone. this man has absolutely no idea or talent. shit, his voice is so shitty they gotta edit that shit through 10 voice altering programs to make it sound "better" but it still fails. claims to be the best rapper while the nigga doesnt got a clue of wat hes talking bout. brags about his gunwounds which he accidentally shot himself. brags about selling crack, while that motherfucker never even been out in the street. brags about beef wit police, while he got arrested 3 times in his life for weed and petty theft. impressive huh? also got mad teardrop tattoos to symbolize the cum drops from his daddy birddickman, and also represents the tears of pain when his daddy ripped his asshole when they first started fucking. faggot.
and im right right
and ur wrong left
khaled best deejay
weezy best rappuh

-lil wayne's overused lyrics...GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE NIGGA!
by fucklilwayne May 31, 2009
Some retarded ass rapper who stole his rhymes from Gillie tha kid.He wanksta too,Nigga aint no real blood,stop trippin.I aint hatin neither,just bein truthful.He wasnt as whack back then as he is now.
Fag:Hey man,did you that new mixtape Lil wayne came out with?Its fabulous!

Man:You dumb faggot,dat nigga fake like dem titties u got.U betta go on outta here dat shit.Listen to some real hip hop cuz u lost bro.
by If it aint blue,it aint true. April 21, 2008
The Gayest Piece Of Shit To Ever Try And Rap. His Shitty Songs Like "A Milli" and "Prom Queen" Are Worshiped By Tapout Tards Worldwide. He Cannot Rap and If You Don't Want Me To Personally Kill You, You'd Take The Lil Wayne Album Back and Replace It With "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers" Which Is 100x Better Than Any Lil Wayne Album.
Tapout Tard: "Yo I just picked up this lil Wayne album! It's off the hizay!"

Tapout Tard 2: "Put on 'A Milli' I love that song!"
by AssWhelle February 11, 2010
a wannabe rapper that contributed greatly to killing hip hop.
lil wayne: i like dick
like fat kids like cake

apathy:Intentions of tense intent in ten tents
Where kings rest in beds with queens' breasts exposed for sex
To the crease or release tension, tends to tense men
by lil carter weezy June 18, 2009
a so called "rapper" who shot himself with a gun.His rhymes are really weak and he just sucks at rapping.

He is now starting to sing rock songs which just doesn't appeal to me ( or anyone else who really likes rap).
lil wayne doesnt deserve the title "rapper or rocker"
by weezy1178 June 16, 2009
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