best rapper alive? best crapper alive, more like.

that was a terrible rhyme, but for comparison, it was better than any of lil wayne's.

he used the legendary 'baby picture' cover, only used before by rap legends nas (illmatic) and the notorious big (ready to die). this is a display of unbelievable arrogance.

plus, he has lost the original message of hip hop. grandmaster flash, run DMC, these guys were talking about life in the ghetto, the oppression of blacks today. lil wayne is spewing raps about money and cars and now every 8 year old is more concerned about getting a ferrari and some 'hot hoes' than learning the history of their race.
who's this new kid on tha block- lil wayne?
man, give up- in 10 years, no one will remember your reign
in 10 years, everyone will be laughing at your name
you suck so bad at rap, please abstain
bringing legends like pac and biggie shame

you think you're the best alive?
how many good entries abuot you on urban dictionary- not even five!

that alone is better than the whole tha carter iii, and i wrote that in about 5 minutes.
by mitchill May 04, 2009
Known for his lacklusture flow, nursery rhymes and confusing similies with metaphors and punchlines. Labelled himself as "The Best Rapper Alive" prior to admitting that he "Couldn't fuck with em", referring to fellow rapper Eminem, thus contradicting his statement. Has yet to emerge victorious from a hip hop feud, e.g. Jay Z, whom Wayne took several shots at, before being destroyed in one subliminal verse by Jay on TI's 'Watch What You Say To Me'. Wayne is rightly acknowledge by those educated in the art/culture of Hip Hop as being one of the main villains behind Hip Hop's downfall. His sexuality has also come into question, this following him passionately kissing his "Daddy" Bryan "Baby" Williams on the lips.
Lil Wayne's nonsensical verse on Kanye's West's Barry Bonds:

Yeah, I'm so bright not shady
My teeth and my ice so white like Shady
Ice in my teeth so refrigerated
I'm so fuckin +Good+ like I'm sleepin with Meagan
I'm all about my Franklins, Lincolns and Reagans
Whenever they make them, I shall "hayve" them
Oops I meant have them, I'm so crazy
But if you play crazy you'll be sleepin with daisies
I'm such a "hayvoc" – oops I meant havoc
And my drink's still pinker than the Easter rabbit
And I'm still Cole like Keyshia's family
Stove on my waist turn beef to patties
And I ate it cause I'm so at it
And I don't front and I don't go backwards
And I don't practice, and I don't lack shit
And you can get Barry, suck my bat bitch
by TheEducator April 14, 2009
A shitty ass rapper who is very recurring and simple from N.O
1-Yo that nigga lil wayne sucks
by Militaryman24 February 11, 2008
He is a disgrace to hip hop what rapper sings a song about licking a fucking lollipop??? I mean come on he is another weird ass rapper that thinks playing with crack is fun. that's why he shot himself because he was high.. He can't rap and his lyrics suck. he makin music now but listen into what he raps about..
Prince Sade: Oh great it's Lil Weedy.
Lil Wayne: Crrrrraacccck crack crack!!!
prince Sade: What that on your lips...Flour?
Lil Wayne: Yeti yeti yeti yeti yeti yeti
Prince Sade: what the fuck are you saying
Lil Wanye: Yeti yeti yeti yeti yeti
Prince Sade: Shut up! you crack fiend.
by Prince Sade June 18, 2009
The whole reason why hip-hop is dead
Person 1: Yo man did you hear that ill track by Lil Wayne "prom queen"?

Person 2: Bitch... SHUT THE FUCK UP and go listen to 1990's rap
by MicroGS November 14, 2009
being born in 1993, and growing up with everybody in my high school being obssesed with him, he is the reason i have lost hope in my generation, the reason hip hop is dead, the worst rapper to ever pick up the mic, please dont ever listen to his song
lil waynes lyrics:

im_____ like____ is all he ever says in his songs
by flyihh April 03, 2009
Most overrated rapper ever, I mean really. Greatest rapper alive?, when did nas and all the active old school and underground rappers die?
Really overated, he spits random punchlines, and he steals his swagger and lines from other rappers.
He's a fake blood, and a closet homo!
People that call him the greatest dont listen to hip hop as a whole, all they listen to is radio and bet.
Some pussie mexican- Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!
Me- Fuck you, Immortal Technique bitch!
Some pussie mexican- He aint great, you never here tech on the radio.
Me- Fuck you radio rap is for fags.
by Dominican_Hustle August 22, 2008

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