The reason why I lost faith in the generation im growing up in. He is the most overrated rapper in the game right now. I mean come on guys a 2 year old could spit better than him. He is such a wannabe blood and he kissed his dad, also he shot himself in the chest on accident. He's a good role model (sarcasm). Yet he thinks he's the best rapper alive when he's NOT. Listen to legends like 2pac, biggie, eminem, nas, rakim, snoop dogg, dr.dre, ice cube, eazy e, and jay-z.

Heres my list and go ahead and call me a hater.

1. Eminem
2. Tupac
3. Biggie
4. Rakim
5. Nas
67462592. Soulja Boy
67462593. Flo Rida
67462594. Lil Wayne
*Nas and Lil Wayne in a rap battle*

Smart people: Nas! Nas! Nas!

Idiots: Wayne! Wayne! Wayne!

Host: Aight, Aight, calm down, now lets hear it for my homie nas! DJ spin that shit.

*Nas does a freestyle and murders wayne*

Crowd: Ohhhhhh!

Host: Aight, Aight, now lets hear lil wayne! DJ spin that shit!

Lil Wayne: Um, uh, yo, yo, Your mom licked me like a lollipop, damn what rhymes with lollipop?

Crowd: Choke! Choke! Choke! Choke!

Lil Wayne: umm, *chokes from nervousness*

Host: Ohhhhhh!!!! Lil Wayne just choked, Nas wins!
by I dont know10897 July 23, 2009
pretty much the worst rapper ever along with soulja boy, even though about 80% of kids my age think hes the shit but they are all wrong. his lyrics are simple and make no sense.
me- who are all your favorite rappers?

my friends- weezy, he is the best ever.

me- you do know that lil wayne is awful and you just think hes good because he sells alot?

them- your wack, his stuff is sick.

me- no, im pretty its not, he is terrible but you guys dont understand that...
by sv82790 June 13, 2010
to anyone born after 1985 he's going to seem like the best thing since slice bread..truth be told he is the worst lyrists "better yet" the worst rapper out right now....his skills are hella subpar, and as for his freestyles...GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE...half the shit he says makes no sense lyrically...the only rapper i know to use sound effects when he runs out of a flow...and yes he does repeat a lot of his flows track to track and freestyle to freestyle...the dude is HOT GAARRBBAAGGEEE!!
no example needed...just listen to anyone of the (lil wayne) garbage CD's he has put out..
by intellectual black man March 03, 2008
A complete garbage wannabe rapper. Basically all his followers are rich white pimple-covered 14-year-olds who wear tilted baseball caps and think they're ghetto or something. The only reason these snots like him is because he has tattoos and wears dreadlocks > AUTOMATICALLY GOOD RAPPER!!!1

No. Doesn't work like that. Basically all of his songs consist of him droning on about all his cash and using at least five weak metaphors per line, which he apparently thinks is being creative. His pathetic attempt at rock music failed and was panned by everyone. I hope he stays locked up so I don't have to hear that shit on the radio anymore.

You want real rap? Listen to the legends, the originals that made rap, like Jay, Nas, Game, Tupac, Biggie, Dre, Mos Def, Eazy, Ice Cube etc etc. Throw away Wayne's trash.

You think he's ghetto? The fool was in a gifted program in his elementary school and joined the drama club. What kind of gangsta does that?
Rich white kid living in the suburbs: Yo homie what's crackalackin? I b listenin to sum mad shit from weezy yo!

Me: Take off your stupid Dodgers cap you bought at Walmart and shut the fuck up. Lil Wayne is singlehandedly killing hip-hop.

RWKLITS: Yo man why u b hatiiiiiiiiinnnn??? yall know weezy is da greatest rapper alive!!!1

Me: Ah, you must not have heard of Jay-Z, Game, Dr. Dre, or Nas, then.

Kid: y u hateeee??///?? u sucha hataaaaa!!!! weezy is king!!

Me: *sigh*
by ricthetric April 04, 2010
A Rapper from New Orleans (probley not from new orleans, just says that to get respect) that is a "blood member"(once again, just says that for respect). He sounds like he raps while holding his nose and every once in a while raps like he's crying (duffle bag boy, Prostitute) always ends his song with YOUNG MULLLAAA BABBYY, even though there are like 15 other members, he is the only one that brags about it. He started going rock but sucks at it and realizes it so he keeps pushing back his Rock CD. He lets out a song every day and a mixtape every week. He's ugly as fuck but brags about getting hoes in his songs, and he wines with autotune when he runs out of lyrics so you dont know what hes saying. He makes out with birdman, "plays the guitar", Remixes every song out, Uses punchlines that 4 years olds say, and cant think of any thing but his last name to call his CDs
....................and yet i'm still a fan, wow
Lil Wayne Lyrics Guidelines.........

(lighter noice, and then him lighting a blunt noice)
I'm so (word for cool) like (person that is cool)
She says i'm (word for sexy) like (somthing thats sexy)
...yeaaaaaa...(in a winey, autotone voice)
I smoke that (word for weed) like a (type of plant)
I get (either the word-money, hoes, or head) like (whatever the fuck he comes up with)
......young mula babbbyyyy

if you've heard one lil wayne song, you've (unfortunatley) heeard em all
by Lil Waynes #1 FAN!!!! November 08, 2009
A monkey man that relates a dick with a lollipop because he is so poetic and artistic. Usually will be with his bitches and hoes or in jail. One of the main reasons why hip-hop is dead.
Lil wayne-"I am an artist and this is my art"
-actual quote

Artist-Lupe Fiasco

Stupid Poser- Lil waye
by ewoksarebadass July 10, 2010
1 a rapper who is terrible has no flow, can't rap, and thinks he's the best but is not. Also if every album you ever made was bad.

3. someone who only cares about rapping about cars,girls,and how much money someone has.
EX.1 (birdman): yo i got a bat, and a cat,but im not fat

( me ): (slaps birdman with a wu tang clan cd) yo you a LIL WAYNE

EX.3 ( Joey ) : I gto hella dough, but i got no flow, no more, all i care about is bitches, and not getting hit with switches.

( me ) yo you such a lil wayne
by i speak the truth 2 April 14, 2010
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