The best rapper alive, alot of people hate and say he is not lyrical, but who can come up with a line like "And Since We Like To Travel, She Let Us Run A Train". Tell me.You cant. Yes he kissed baby but look how much pussy he gets. Never have you heard he kissed another man except baby who he calls his father. Weezy.F.Baby
Weezy F.
Weezy F Baby
Lil Wayne
"Best Rapper Alive"
by Janice.d December 05, 2007
Lil Wayne is the Best Rapper Alive, period. Da Drought 3 and Carter Files are 2 Mixtapes that showcase his talents and will lead up to his release of Tha Carter 3, soon after accompanied by more mixtapes then the release of Dedication 3. His freestyling is what makes so many people like him. Dont Hate.
A line from Lil Waynes "I feel like dying"

I can mingle with the stars and throw a party on mars, I am a prisoner locked up behind Xanex bars. I have just bought a plane, without a pilot and, violets are blue, roses are red, daisies are yellow, the flowers are dead.
by 21097120 August 18, 2007
The hottest rapper. Crazy Lyrics, Ca$h Money Superstar, the Last remainingh Hot Boy.
Young "Yo" Yeezy
J. Gutta
T. Streets

by Tragik November 26, 2003
a marlboro cigarette.
my puppy is small so i need a lil' wayne to make me feel better about myself...
by xITAKEITx September 01, 2009
The best rapper alive! He has four solo albums, and 3 albums with the Hot Boys. Featured in the movie Baller Blockin. Born September 27, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lived in Hollygrove Projects! Also has DREADS!
Tha Carter is an album by Lil Wayne. If you don't have it you just plum dumb!
by naptowns_own D.J.J. December 12, 2004
a small amount of water falling from the sky
That weather man is retarded, he said it was gonna storm but there's only a lil wayne.
by laxbro2128 March 03, 2015
the biggest rap curse on humanity. (period)
lil wayne is such a FAGGOTRON!!!!
by THE B@TMAN December 28, 2014

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