Well, he is pretty good.He has lots of metaphors and similes in his raps. Usually his flow is pretty good but every now and then he ruins it with some random line. He is overratted I would say. He has had like 5 albums and Da Carter III is the only album to receive any recognition. A Milli is a bad song.
Da Carter III by Lil Wayne
by Da Prophet92 August 27, 2008
the best rapper alive even better than kanye west
lil wayne is the best rapper alive
by serafin campos August 10, 2008
Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. Born on 09.27.82 aka Lil Wayne Weezy F Baby, Young Money, Young Mullah, Best Rapper Alive, Mr.Carter, Young Carter, Dr. Carter, President Carter, T Wayne, Young Wayne, Great Dane, Fireman, Birdman Jr, Stunna Jr, and Make it Rain on them Hoes. Of course there's more! From New Orleans Louisiana. Helped out in hurricane katrina after he heard one of his friends was effected by it. He spit some of the best lyricz out there. Has ALOT of haterz. Always raps about killing, Mary Jane, Money, and gurls. He is latest hit is the song "On Fire" He is one of the most wanted feature artistz and alot of ppl kno him from the destiny's child song "soilder"
by mizzvodka April 12, 2010
rapper; Whack as hell
Don't listen to fake hip hop like lil Wayne, Cop some real shit like Talib Kweli
by encee December 14, 2004
I don't known why ya'll niggas is trippin,weezy is one of the best rappers in da game
don't beleive me, watch da BET awards. Lil Wayne won everythang
by zay zay November 10, 2008
Lil wayne. Amazing rapper. The love of my life. Hes insane. His voice could give world peace. Hes got so many haters and he dont care what ya think. Hes a beast. Hes better then everyone, hes a cash money millionaire. & he keeps making that money. Hes an inspiration, hes my boo. I love lil wayne, weezy f baby.<3333
who am i? the best rapper alive. - lil wayne.
by Sarahhhhh Hitch February 10, 2009
Known as: Weezy, Weezy F. Baby, Lil Weezy, LW, Greatest Rapper Alive, The Rapper Eater, Mr. Carter.

Born Dwayne Carter.
Changed his name to Wayne Carter.
His father died when he was young.
He considers rapper Baby his 'daddy'.
Grew up in New Orleans.
Moved to Texas after Katrina.
Got signed a record deal at 14.
His mom made him drop it.
He did but got another one at 16 and stuck to it.

Alot of dumb preppy people think they are hard-core fans because they know the songs 'Fireman', 'Stuntin Like My Daddy', and 'Lollipop'.
His actual good music is hardly ever played on the radio.
Alot of people hate because they don't care for his music.
Thats fine. But you dont have to go around bitchiiiiing about it. Nobody cares if you dont like him. Good for you.
I personally looooveeee him and i think his rhymes are crazy. I'll listen to a song a hundred times and still find new cool parts of it. Most songs dont get old.
I have around 350 songs by him. And i actually do listen to all of them.
I get really annoyed by people who claim to love him. Its even more irritating than people that hate him.
But anyways. Hopefully he lays off the syrup.
Hater- Dude Lil Wayne is such a fag he kissed Baby on the LIPS man!!! damn lets go around on a bunch of sites and talk about how much we hate him!!!
by abcdefg:) June 12, 2008

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