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has a lot of haters, and isn't nearly as bad as everyone makes him out to be. lyrically, he kills it. all the time. i don't know of a rapper that works harder than him, he puts out like, at least 3 new songs everyday. hes extremely dedicated, and talented. not all of his songs are about bitches, and so what if alot of em are. other rappers cant touch his vocabulary or metaphors. he goes hard on all his mix tapes and drops. fuck all u who dont realize any of this! im not even some fucking wayne obsessed bitch, but he is definatley one of the best out there right now, and ppl dont give him enough initiative.

me: take off that bandanna, your not a G. and go to buymixtapes.com and listen to a drop. while your at it, go to the library and get a dictionary, because you probably wont know what half the words he says mean. oh and kill yourself once your done. kay bye.
by letahaterhate123 July 09, 2009
one of the hardest working rappers out there.

everyone's entitled to their opinions, but i'd like to see any of you clowns actually get famous and successful and make money like him.. you all act like you can fucking do it or even do it better.. or that you're actually in the business.. just stick to your day job there's a reason you're just "average"...joke
Lil Wayne is peerless look it up kids.
by 0NE l0VE March 29, 2009
A rapper. Some people Reallllly like him, some people love him, some people just think he's alright, some people hate him, it doesn't matter. He's sold more songs than you can imagine. You try, bet you can't do it! :)
Lil Wayne? Ohh that rapper, yeah I heard that one song of his.
by Stina! February 15, 2009
Lil Wayne is a indeed an artist that may frequently come across as cocky or over-confident. One must admit that he is talented despite their disdain for his temperament. His style of wordplay based on metaphores and associations is undoubtably unprecendented, (when listened to without bias). His freestyles speak for themselves: listen to THe Dedication 2 Mixtape & Da Drought 3
"Lil Wayne refering to the two pistols he carries with him, and the effect they will have on any assailant.."

my two best friends will accompany me
and right now they are in my dungarees sleep
one name Mack one name Nenna
they hit ya make ya do the Macarenna
where ya tools

by Haitano April 23, 2007
A Hip Hop/Rap artist. He basically has an age limit. Anyone over 20 who grew up listening to Kurtis Blow, Public Enemy, Nas, etc. probably hates him because they don't like his flow, his lyrics, or the beats. They can relate more to "FIGHT THE MAN!" than "I wish I could fxck every girl in the world". Some people consider him to "mainstream" but what the hell do you want him to do? Should he be a mixtape rapper his whole life (even though he releases a different mixtape basically every other day). And for the people who are older that are saying "Lil Wayne's the reason Hip Hop's dead! FIGHT THE POWER MAN, FIGHT THE POWER, YEAH!" really need to get with 21st century. Go ahead and listen to those beat-ass fourty five year old rappers that think they can still spit (Jay-Z, Nas, LL Cool J, etc.) but Hip Hop's changing. You might think that Hip Hop's dying, but everyone else thinks Hip Hop's being reborn.
"pimpin' over her and i ain't santa claus but I make it rain dear/money out the ass, yea, money out the rear/weezy at the plate, i could bunt it outta hear" - "Whip It" - Lil Wayne
by WezzyF.Babyy July 14, 2009
lil wayne is a "great" rapper, but i think mainly its because rap fucking sucks now, im black, and i used to listen to more rap than rock. now rap is so garbage that i listen to more rock. ol' skool rap is better than wayne, but wayne does dominate this era. but hey i guess its not hard when there's songs out called marco polo, and the WHOLE chorus is just
marco.. polo
marco... polo
thats fuckin retarded. and it makes me proud that wayne is educating himself at the University of Houston, and alot of his metaphors link to people that only someone with an education would know. plus he studys ALL genres of music and even expresses them in his lyrics, he is amazing at what he does, but then again all rap used to have a story.
"..it's just me and my guitar, yeah bitch i'm heavy metalin, and you can get the fuckin led zeppelin.." - Lil Wayne
"..When You Say You Want Beef, Then I Got Yah Boy, Ill Juss Let The Big Mac Whopp Ya Boy
See My Dreads Hanging lookin like a rasta Boy, Fuck wit My Rosta An I'll Turn Into Mufasa Boy
We Run Up In Ya Casa Boy,And Blast Off Like Nasa Boy, (Uhh)" - Lil Wayne
by Derik Clayton September 03, 2008
Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.
Weezy F Baby
Young Money
Mr Carter

The GREATEST rapper alive.
He's the rawest mc in the game. His rhymes are the shit, and everyone know it.
You heard that new Lil Wayne song?

Hell Yeahh, Wayne is the shit.
by weezybabyyyyyy December 17, 2009