Lil WAyne has many haters. Personally, i think he is a fucking god. Lil Wayne can rap very well and has probably gotten farther in life and has made many many more acomplishments than most people will in their lives. I think people should look up to Lil wayne as a role model. Not for his drug abuse behaviour. Yeah sure that wasnt the greatest road to take but your father probably smokes weed too. Anyways. Read his biography or autobiography or something because you know the guy had a pretty hard life. And maybe that will get you to think the next time you call him a faggot.
person 1: ahhh lil waynes music is awesome...
Person 2: yeah it sure is. this guy had a tough life... im gonna cut him a little slack
by mollymai March 13, 2011
a.k.a weezy is a blood from louisiana, new orleans. As the biatch of The Birdman he is known as the best rapper alive.
peep1-yo son, you heard the best rapper alive yet?
peep2- word??Pac came back alive??
peep1-no im talking bout lil wayne
by miami blue September 29, 2008
The biggest target for haters, because these fuckers don't know rap. He is a rap icon, remember he sold 1 million carter 3s in 1 FUCKING WEEK. He is clearly the s best alive, his beats are so smooth, his references clever, and when he need to get a serious beat he performs. He puts out song, after song, after FUCKING SONG! Even his biggest haters must have atleast 1 song of his that they secretly like.

Lil Wayne Is The 3rd Best Rapper Of ALLTIME behind Biggie and 2Pac. All Haters can die.
by ghaa September 13, 2010
An incredible rapper that people hate on because they dont have any game nor rappin skills. So if you say he sucks because he repeats himself and he isn't like the original hip hop artist most likely you like his music but you won't admit it because you can only live in your little contrarian world. Further more hating ass people like you just bug the shit out of the rest of the world so just shut your mouth because no one wants to hear it. Rap is something that gives people happiness, hope, and entertainment and your type of music does the same for you so why would you want to make fun of any artform. People who make fun of music (or any art) are just forms of people who are racist or ignorant enough to close there mind to something because they don't like or understand the way it makes people feel."You know you you at the top when only heavens right above it"
Hey man did you hear that bitch say he hates Lil Wayne?
Yeah he's just jealous 'cause he ain't got nuthin on Lil Wayne. <3
by hannahsaurus rex <3 December 29, 2010
The only rapper (other than Young Dro ) who can rhyme about random shit and make it sound good. Also, he has good fashion sense. Beyond that, he's a closeted homosexual (involved in a relationship with Birdman ), a self-professed musical whore, and has an ego rivaling Kim Jong Il's (claiming he's the best rapper alive, see any of his recent XXL interviews for more elaboration.).
Whores get paid. I don’t care. It’s music, let’s make it. I’ll only turn you down if you ain’t got the price. I’ll turn you down and away.

Darling, I don’t care what nobody think. Talk to me like you talking to Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. You’re not about to ask him about what he think about what somebody said about him. You ’bout to ask him about his greatness, and his greatness only...

Reporting from Kim's corner store
Hollygrove, Seventeenth, carnivore
Ridin' through the city in a Tonka toy
I got old money, coulda bought a dinosaur
Only ride Chevys, never drive a Ford
And my coupe doors open like plaza doors
Yep, red, thick women, my eyes adore
I'm a whore, you know that I'm a whore
Yep, Cash Money, Cash Money, monster boys, mafia, bitch
Even the cops are bored
When you say you want beef, then I got ya, boy
I'll just let the Big Mac whop ya, boy
See, my dreads hanging, lookin' like a Rasta boy
Fuck with my roster, and I'll turn into Mufasa, boy
We run up in ya casa, boy
And blast off like NASA, boy.
--All actual quotes from Lil Wayne
by Kinto Watanabe December 18, 2007
A rapper who most people hate that is actually really good. To prove that he is so bad they usually use dead end examples like:

He shot himself
Hes gay
Something insulting him on his intelligence
Claim he calls him self a blood and is not one
Give you his worst lines and want you to use that as a guide on his skills
Insult his looks
The real answer to all there examples is always something easily answered like:

He was 12 when he shot himself
The man he kissed is the man he considers his father
He went to the University of Houston
Nobody really knows if hes a blood or not so dont judge a book by a cover
Look in the mirror
Anyways Lil Wayne is actually a bright man and believe it or not he raps pretty decent. If you still believe Lil Wayne is such crap than look at it this way, he sells millions of albums, makes millions, comes out with new songs frequently, and is successful. Lets be real you guys who hate him so much are probably sitting in your moms basement reading this. Love him or hate him hes got the one thing everyone wants; Success. In my eyes that in itself is greatness, and if you cant agree with me on just that bit, than you know nothing about life.
by Kaylee F. August 03, 2010
A pretty good rapper, that everyone hates on for no reason claiming he killed hip hop...
me: you wanna listen to lil wayne?
haters: no, hes terrible. hes the reason rap is dead
me: well excuse me sir but rap is bigger than its ever been and hes helped build it. dont hate him beacause tupacs dead.... nigga
by skylerr50 August 08, 2011

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