Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever . if you think otherwise , you can fuck off . He is the best person ever and nothing can change that . He is the reason why i am not dead yet . i refuse to die until i meet him , but if he died before i met him , i shall die . if he dies ever , i shall die , but first , i shall kill the person that killed him . Don ' t fuck with him . i am his biggest fan ever and words can not describe how i feel about him . Lil Wayne ' s full name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr . He dropped the " D " on " Dwayne " because his father ' s name is Dwayne . Dwayne is not a part of Lil Wayne 's life no more , so he dropped the " D " . He is also known as Weezy or Weezy F Baby . He is a part of Young Money , and he is also a part of Cash Money .
Sam : Desi , you got a new boyfriend ? !
Desi : yeah , but he ain ' t no Lil Wayne .

Dude : isn ' t it awesome ? !
Desi : yeah , but it ain ' t no Lil Wayne .

Lucas : why did you break up with me ? i ' m not hot enough for you ?
Desi : 0f course you are , but you ain ' t no Lil Wayne .
by DesiLilWayne September 15, 2012
Sky is the limit..sickest freestyle of lil wayne....
mike jones beat
Lil' Wayne-
"My eyes is so wide as it rise in the skillet,
I let my bitch bag it, if she steal it, imma kill her,
I bulletproof the ride, now I feel like armadillas,
And fuck ya, hot spitta, young money, we the realest,
And I aint gotta lie when I tell you im the illest,
My flow is nasty, like C Y Phyllis,
Self made G, and them bitches know the business."
by Twombs June 28, 2007
some say worst rapper alive, some say best rapper alive.

at the end of the day he sells a lot of albums and makes a lot of money.

he's obviously doing something right.
"got money, and you know it" lil wayne, tpain
by its settled then January 02, 2009
Not the best rapper, not by a long shot, but a hard worker and smart guy who smokes too much weed.
Me: I love Lil Wayne! He has a stupid name, but goddammit I wanna do him. When he's not rapping, he's probably smokin' weed, or planning to take over the world. I can't understand him when he talks! It's slurred and low, but it's still hot.

Forever a Hot Boy, forever a solja.
by kenzycarr November 06, 2010
Male rapper born in New Orleans Lousiana with the #1 selling album of 2008 THa Carter III. He also did drugs and lost his virginity at age 8.
Dude have You heard the new song 6 foot 7 foot by lil wayne
by poppin tags April 23, 2011
Butt-ugly Jiggaboo
After the chimpanzee attacked her, Mary looked like a white Lil Wayne
by PetroJ August 12, 2011
He's been rapping since he was 11 years old. He started smoking weed when he was 9 and became a drug dealer at age 11. He also lost his virginity at age 11. He signed to cash money records at age 12 where he met Baby aka Birdman who was the first grown man to actually be there for him. He joined the hot boyz and they released their first song when he was 14. The hot boyz broke up when he was 16 and he started out a solo career. He then released the carter and many other underground cds. After the carter 2, he went to main stream and did over 70 colabos with artists and then made the carter 3. The carter 3 sold over 1 million copies in the first week and he won a grammy mainly because of the hit song lollipop. He's still at the top of the rap game and is constantly compared to Eminem although the two have totally different styles and are nothing alike and are both great rappers.
Guy 1: "Hey man, did you hear that new Weezy mixtape?"
Guy 2: "Hell no I only listen to Eminem! Lil Wayne's some newbie that sucks ass!"
Guy 1: "Get educated. Eminem is good but so is Wayne. Don't think you're cool shit kid."
by cheesewizzkid March 31, 2011

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