A dumbass bitch nigger who is a fake ass wanna be a blood nigga, thinks he's a gang banger, and is a disgrace to all rappers of our time.

A faggot that should quit rapping and making gay tracks, and should instead, go and suck Birdman's dick nigga!!

A stupid motha fucken fake ass piru blood nigger
Some examples of rappers that suck just as much dick at rhyming as Lil Wayne does:

Soulja Boy
Hurricane Chris
T Pain
by Jordan BMX June 18, 2009
A fake ass blood who whole style is based on stupid metahpors and similies and stole his whole swag from gillie tha kid

also got hit in the head wit a bottel and did nothin but walkd off stage with a frown
boy 1: yo u feelin dat new lil wayne?

boy 2: hell naw i dont fuck wit dat false flaggin ass nigga nuthin he say makes sence
by (((((( September 12, 2008
1)A moderate rapper of todays eras of rap but cannot compare to the legends such as pastor troy or mysikall
2)A rapper with a pretty bad lyrical mind but is better than most others...
3)The most famous rapper observed by 14-17 year old teens
Guy 1 "hey look its lil wayne!!!"
Guy 2 "DDUUDDEE LOOK ITS PASTOR TROY" *Whole crowd passes out*
by fdafds March 19, 2008
Am idiotic rasta who tied his dreds too tight and now he has a very retarded voice due to lack of oxygen due to that his mother doing drugs and drinking while she was pregnant and has teardrop tattoos on his face which means he killed people the only thing he killed was his own career. Is recruiting white youths to his fucking nigger cult so we can all just get along fuck that he can suck my fucking balls.
people like lil wayne=all black youth
by the white man marches on May 31, 2010
one of the worst rappers alive, most people who listen to him dont know what real rap is, or what a flow is. Lil wayne CAN'T rap, he ISN'T the best rapper alive, enough said...
lil wayne cant rap, his game is dead as a corpse, when he spits it only gets worse, he thinks hes the sh*t, hes really not it, he thinks hes the best but what he really needs is a vest,cause when i blast at him 2 hollows will be imbedded in his chest, coughing up blood he'll spit one wack ryhme but that line cant stop him from dying!!
by spitting this dopegame August 06, 2008
Corny "rapper" that uses synthesized voice effects (like every other rapper these days) to compensate for his shitty content or altogether lack of content. Idolized by suburban teeny boppers and other people that don't know any better. Extremely goofy looking, and raps with his pants halfway down because he thinks it's cool and original. He is basically the Paulie Shore of rap, because he really has very little talent but is still famous for the time being. Hopefully he will fade away soon like Paulie.
person #1- Hey did you hear Lil' Wayne's new track?

person#2- unfortunately I did by accident. How come every one of his songs sounds like he's in a fish tank?

Person#1- Oh, thats cause he's so crazy and uses voice synthesizers to cover up the fact that he is rhyming the same words and\or non- words.

Person#2- Oh, well that was cool in the 80's but it's kinda gay now. Method Man, Eminem, Nas, or any old school rapper could shit on him in their sleep. Biggie and Big L. must be rolling in their graves.
by LDukey October 11, 2008
a pathetic pop rapper whos music appeals to teenages and people who know nothing about real hip-hop.

he falls into the sterotype of the typical rapper since he has no creativity, talks about drugs and 'gats' and loves to objectify women and talk about his artificial wealth.

Method man, Ice Cube, Rakim, Nas, Hieroglyphics, Del tha funkee homosapien and KRS One are all examples of people who are alive and are way better than weezy since their music has a message.


Del tha funkee homsapien= "its your world, your future, you control it whatever you do early on is how you mold it. i record it, sold it, told it to you, MR.Del wouldnt tell you nothing that aint true"

i wonder whose music has a meaning
by tha truth teller March 27, 2007

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