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Nothing but a lame Hip Pop artist that ironically won the best rapper award... At the BET Hip Hop Awards because people can't tell the diff. Real Hip Hop sounds like Kanye West, the real best rapper alive, lupe fiasco, mos deff, and common.
lil wayne jus another fake hip hop wanna be kanye the real deal
by lilmsjae January 10, 2009
The biggest swagger jacker in the music industry. This so-called rapper can't even come up with an original lyric. He is overrated and has the flow of a kindergartener. He is constantly pushing his fellow shitty artists on us and has yet to release an album worth purchasing.
Rick - Lil Wayne's new song is tight.

Malik - Yeah, compared to a bowl of shit.
by VakilaKTA June 01, 2011
One of the poorest & least talented "rappers" in the game...he is not the best nor will he EVER be the best..that crown is held by Jay-Z...can't rhyme while sober(needs cocaine, heroine, xtc, weed etc to rap) uses ghost writers...started as a dirty south lame now trying to be a up north cat...every1 needs to hop off his dick becuz his rhymes make no sense..listen to a verse...also kisses men
(So wack)I'm a vanerial disease, menstual bleed-Lil Wayne
(Crack)ya talkin to the author/the architect of the blueprrint/my dna's in ya muzik/muthafucka you stupid/--Jay-Z the King
by King James aka Brooklyn Repper December 08, 2008
a very gay rapper that kisses boys ( BG and Juvenile.) his rymes dont even make sence half the time, its just a bunch of words with a good beat. He also is full of himself, the self proclaimed "best rapper alive"
lick me like a lollipop is a story of lil wayne and his gay lover
by ATL fo life August 11, 2008
Lyrically challenged rapper. His lyrics are dumb, his songs are pathetic. The only thing he has on his side is a famous stepdad and a good beat.
I realize people will hate on me for this, but it's the truth! Lil Wayne shouldn't even be famous with the lyrics he has!
by Pimpcfan July 22, 2008
A rapper from New Orleans. He is really no good, abuses auto-tune, cannot freestyle, has recently tried his hand in rock music but did not work out too well for him. Claims to be the best rapper alive but he cannot freestyle and neither does he write his own raps so you can't call him an actual rapper anyway. Has worms coming out of his head, has cum tattoos by his eye and looks like the boogeyman. He uses lame metaphors and similies in his "raps".
Lil Wayne: "My flow is so sick I should have died."
Me: "Hoooray!!"
by ScottPilgrim May 07, 2013
lil wayne is a person who is awarded for being a crackhead, trashy and a criminal.
Most of the people in my school are lil waynes of life.
by spiderkarnage July 23, 2011