Known as: Weezy, Weezy F. Baby, Lil Weezy, LW, Greatest Rapper Alive, The Rapper Eater, Mr. Carter.

Born Dwayne Carter.
Changed his name to Wayne Carter.
His father died when he was young.
He considers rapper Baby his 'daddy'.
Grew up in New Orleans.
Moved to Texas after Katrina.
Got signed a record deal at 14.
His mom made him drop it.
He did but got another one at 16 and stuck to it.

Alot of dumb preppy people think they are hard-core fans because they know the songs 'Fireman', 'Stuntin Like My Daddy', and 'Lollipop'.
His actual good music is hardly ever played on the radio.
Alot of people hate because they don't care for his music.
Thats fine. But you dont have to go around bitchiiiiing about it. Nobody cares if you dont like him. Good for you.
I personally looooveeee him and i think his rhymes are crazy. I'll listen to a song a hundred times and still find new cool parts of it. Most songs dont get old.
I have around 350 songs by him. And i actually do listen to all of them.
I get really annoyed by people who claim to love him. Its even more irritating than people that hate him.
But anyways. Hopefully he lays off the syrup.
Hater- Dude Lil Wayne is such a fag he kissed Baby on the LIPS man!!! damn lets go around on a bunch of sites and talk about how much we hate him!!!
by abcdefg:) June 12, 2008
A rapper who sounds mentally challenged when rapping. aka the man who will destroy rap
lil wayne sounds like he is having a siezure every time he raps
by that1guy420 July 12, 2010
a very sucky rapper who fucked his dad birdman.he sucks horse boners.he cant rap for shit and the voices he makes when he is rapping are horrible and they sound like pussy farts.he is also very ugly and looks like he could have an advanced form of down syndrome.he shoul have been eaten by alligators when new orleans flooded.
actual lil wayne lyrics-"shes wet like a carpool"
what the fuck is that?pieces of dry shit can rap better than that.that doesnt make any fucking sense.
by fuckin a man April 01, 2008
A rapper who sucks.. Period.
Claims that he is the best rapper alive, when he has the weakest lyrics and rhyming skills ever.
Sounds fuckin' annoying when he talks, and is hella fugly.
Most of his raps consist of lines like this,
"You a blondy, so you can't see me, no you like Stevie".

Killing Hip-Hop, along with Soulja Boy.
Person 1: Aye man! Lil Wayne is the illest rapper ever!
Person 2: get the fuck outta here, before i kill you.
by belladoux April 25, 2008
a piece of shit with 2 legs and a pulse
im a blank like a blank - what a shitload of fuck-lil wayne
by jaybo24 September 23, 2009
Some dude who got his name from his doctor when he went to go get his physical.
Doctor: I will need to check your genitals for hernias. Please remove your pants.

Lil Wayne:*removes pants*

Doctor: You must be Lil Wayne.
by WIKITIKI May 03, 2009
Something the music industry created to appeal to upper-middle class, 14-year-old wiggers.
Lil Wayne fucking sucks.
by relates October 07, 2009
1.The most overrated rapper ever. Fake as shit. He sounds like a fag. I get pissed off anytime someone talks about Lil Wayne or turn on one of his songs. He really isnt that good, i dont see why erbody likes him.

2.The rapper of choice for most preppy kids b/c they only listen to rap thats on the radio.
1. This new Lil Wayne album is garbage, no true rap fan would listen to this, lets listen to The Documentary by The Game.

2. Person 1: Those kids that just left the Abercrombie and Fitch are listening to some Lil Wayne.

Person 2: What a buncha fags.
by Johnathan Oldstyle February 26, 2010
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