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A female rapper who has had a #1 Hit without a video (ie. Magic Stick)
A Grammy award winner, #1 female rapper who has changed the way females rap, and men also. The Queen of the King of Rap, The Notorious BIG!
by Brian July 27, 2003
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a hoe who loves effing with her nose.
i used to think lil kim was the shit, til the bitch started effing with her nose.
by rappa August 05, 2003
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Still the QUEEN OF RAP!! Ms G.O.A.T and a living legend in the rap game. Talentless, fake bitches wanna be her so bad even in 2011 *cough* Nicki Minaj *cough*

No album, no single she still draws them out.

For Lil Kim wannabes see: Nicki Minaj
Example 1:

Kevin: Did you hear how the Queen of Rap killed that fake bitch Nicki on Black Friday?
Tammy: Yes, she got annihilated. Kim is still that bitch.

Example 2:

Lil Kim the Queen Bee so you best take heed.
by MickieFan August 14, 2011
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female rapper, known as the G.O.A.T. ( greatest of all times)..queen of hip hop. best and most successful female rapper
Lil Kim.. Hard Core, Notorious K.I.M., La Bella Mafia, Naked Truth, Ms. G.O.A.T.
by kgurlballin October 03, 2009
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1)Female rapper who is more perverted than males
2)Person who believes thier being hated on because she is a slutty tramp
3)Buy one get some for free
1)Watch how i make a sprite bottle disappear in my moutt (come on)
2)"why yall hatin just cause i can fuck your man"
3)man: hey lil kim should i buy your cd?
kim: well i could give you a free sample hint hint
by Tical January 27, 2004
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Every Body wants to be her, that's why they hate on her
by Charnae Tindall November 17, 2003
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Midget female rapper who spits out rhymes about sex and nothin' but.
Lil Kim keeps tellin' about how she's a jump-off, but tell that to Biggie (oh wait he's dead).
by dj mbm July 10, 2008
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