A "rapper" with 50 chromosomes and ADHD.
Lil John should make his own rap group, 50 CROMOSOMES.
by DA GUY April 14, 2004
A black version of Bobcat Goldthwait.

He apparantly qualifies as a rapper, even though he only says 7 different words per song (including yeah/what/ok)
Man, what happened to Bobcat Goldthwait?

Nah dude, that's Lil Jon.
by fanboy January 29, 2005
The king of Crunk, From Atlanta Dirty South pretty much was the first to say the word skeet in music
Damn Lil' Jon is so crunk i should just go to Atlanta and skeet all over
by UofL May 31, 2005
The worst rapper / hype man ever. He is overplayed and can be found on almost any mainstream hip hop track out there. Listen closely and you can at least hear him screaming "HUWHAT" in the background. This fraud gets paid millions of dollars to scream meaningless words like "WHAT", "OKAY", and "YEAAAAAAAH!" on other rappers' songs. He appears most commonly on Ying Yang Twins tracks, who by the way, are some of the worst dirty south rappers.
Expert : lil jon used to be good back in the day of "Let my nuts go" and " "Bia Bia." Now every plastic highschool teen girl thinks he is the epitome of great music. Go listen to some Common, Aesop Rock, or Talib Kweli.
by Ben April 22, 2005
A "rapper" if you can call some retarded pathetic nigga that all he does it yell, mainly 3 words in his songs. It is very RARE that you hear his say other words than YEAH, WHAT, and OK in his lyrics. A disgrace to hip hop community.
A:Yo, what's that annoying background noise in this song?
B:Oh, don't mind him, his vocabulary only contains 3 words that are mastered, he's still working on some other few.
by roberto March 12, 2005
Simply a great music artist. There may be some songs where he doesn't say much, but he still makes the song even better just by bein in it and sayin those few little words. He livens it up. He is also a great music producer too. LISTEN TO HIS NEW ALBUM "CRUNK JUICE" CAUSE HE RAPS A LOT MORE ON IT!
I's been know you fo' a long time (shawty),
But f*****' never crossed my mind (shawty),
But tonight, I seen sumthin' in ya (shawty),
That made me wanna get wit 'cha (shawty),
by rwm December 15, 2004
to all you ignorant people who claim that he does nothing but yell "yeah", "OK", and "what?" and gets paid to do so, you are dead wrong. lil jon produces most of the songs he is in, and also created the beat in every song that he is in, which probably isnt as easy as you think. and no matter what you guys say, he has about 10 times the amount of money you make in your life in his pocket at this very second, and has already gone a lot further in life then you probably will.
ignorant racist: wtf is thi shit? all this dude does is yell and get paid for it..
anyone who actually knows whats going on: you obviously have no idea what you are talking about
by educator of the haters April 06, 2005

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