a throwed PLAYA from the SOUTH
LIL Flip is a playa not no hata
by LIL J October 12, 2003
lil flip is on top yall haters is on bottom get off his joke dont hate on a black man like young bloods say shake dem haters off lil dats my nigga keep is gansta
rymes its nothing
by woo October 06, 2003
a way better rapper than ti, makes ti look like a little bitch,clover land g
lil flip will crush ti any day
by sippinsyurp August 25, 2008
that boy lil flip is off the chain
lil flip is off tha chain f*** them hatez. nigga we from T-E-X-A-S
by Throwed gangsta September 25, 2003
lil flip is fine and forget all yall
hatas out there
by Twin August 23, 2003
my cuzin from da 713 reppin h-town houston texas!!!!! holla dats were im from also lilflip is hellla fine
dat nigga flip is crunk
by lilflipsbabygurl April 06, 2004
a rapper who has no talent and his career has been destroyed by t.i.
t.i. is a million times better than lil flip
by Teairra November 12, 2007
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