Laughing Inside Loudly

It would be more logical to use this instead of "LOL" if you're not actually laughing out loud
Jake: And I told the waiter to 'get bent' after he got me a Coke inside of a Pepsi.
Adam: LIL
by YMCMS May 06, 2013
Later in Life, a bastardisation of L.O.L.
When are you going to finally write an Urban Dictionary entry? — L.I.L.
by thenamewasmilo April 29, 2013
little, small
My lil ass.
by Dipshit February 11, 2003
a nub from new jersey who rides pink unicorns and like mushrooms. Possesses godly powers in making predictions for sports.
omg its lils! :D
by karasdawg April 21, 2010
Laughing Incredible Loud
lil, that was so funny. :L
by CoreyJohnson94 September 10, 2011
A shorter version of the commonly known word Lol.
Friend 1: I just got 25-0 on call of duty!
Friend 2: lil.
by jaan bruunswick June 24, 2012
Laughing In Loud - A person may find something funny but not quite enough to let out an auditory laugh.
Person A: "<insert somewhat funny comment here>"
Person B: "LIL"

Person A: "What is that?"
Person B: "I laughed in loud... instead of saying lol and not actually doing it, I now choose LIL."
by RonSpeeD March 02, 2010

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