A way for some rappers to let everyone know that they suck. If a rapper has the word "lil" in their name you can safely avoid listening to any songs by them.
Name one good rapper whose name has the word "lil" in it... yea didn't think so
by J-Smoove May 28, 2006
The term used to best describe anything and everything. It is an adjective and a noun. You can put it in front of any other word, or use it to replace any word. It can also be a lil verb. Works best when placed in front of the word "babe".
My ex-boyfriend has lil hands.


Em, hand me my lil.

Lil my back. I'm not liling to school tomorrow.

"You're reallyreally lil."

"Oh yeah, lil, lil (true true). Alright LIL (peace)."
by lil babes January 04, 2010
Acronym for "Laughing Inside Loudly." Term used by those honest IMers that, when replying to a joke, acknowledge the joke and instead of really laughing, they subtlety chuckle without making noise.
An Example of use in an IM conversation:
Person A: She fell down the stairs and landed in mustard, subsequently ruining her white dress.
Person B: Oh that's too bad, lil.
by Pieter May 05, 2004
Term used for little usually used in rappers.
Term tooked by retarded Azn nd N00bs for their online names.
Lil Kim
by You March 25, 2005
The incorrect version of "little",used by morons who have the approximate education level of a fly.
No example... ... ... ...
by Bob February 16, 2005
little, small, term used for little rappers
Lil' Romeo just had a new singls
by Lil' Sis February 24, 2003
-Blade is so last year..
by MatalinghagangParrot September 03, 2009
a term accidently used my blondes like me who can't pronounce little right
1: look at that girl! she's so lil!
2: don't you mean little
by leah April 11, 2005

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