The GREATEST rapper to walk the earth.
"I got summer hatin on me cause I'm hotter than the sun. Spring hatin on me cause I aint never sprung. Winter hatin on me cause I'm colder than yall. And I will never, I will never, I will never fall."-Weezy
"I come through the hood in the suicide doors. I used to ride thro the hood on the handle bars, gat in ma drawas. Money in ma pocket, crack in ma jaws. I hope it dont disolve." -Lil Wayne
by Chase Ray March 16, 2009
A southern rapper that no matter what all you haters say is the best rapper alive. His defect is that he raps about shit. His songs dont make sense for shit.
John: Hey joey have you heard lil waynes new song

Joey: Yea dat song was ill but i didnt get it for shit
by Me504 January 29, 2009
The Best Rapper Alive
Lil Wayne is the dopest MC in the rap game today. Nobody can touch him on the mic.
by Jason Mahr May 19, 2010
Well, he is pretty good.He has lots of metaphors and similes in his raps. Usually his flow is pretty good but every now and then he ruins it with some random line. He is overratted I would say. He has had like 5 albums and Da Carter III is the only album to receive any recognition. A Milli is a bad song.
Da Carter III by Lil Wayne
by Da Prophet92 August 27, 2008
Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. Born on 09.27.82 aka Lil Wayne Weezy F Baby, Young Money, Young Mullah, Best Rapper Alive, Mr.Carter, Young Carter, Dr. Carter, President Carter, T Wayne, Young Wayne, Great Dane, Fireman, Birdman Jr, Stunna Jr, and Make it Rain on them Hoes. Of course there's more! From New Orleans Louisiana. Helped out in hurricane katrina after he heard one of his friends was effected by it. He spit some of the best lyricz out there. Has ALOT of haterz. Always raps about killing, Mary Jane, Money, and gurls. He is latest hit is the song "On Fire" He is one of the most wanted feature artistz and alot of ppl kno him from the destiny's child song "soilder"
by mizzvodka April 12, 2010
rapper; Whack as hell
Don't listen to fake hip hop like lil Wayne, Cop some real shit like Talib Kweli
by encee December 14, 2004
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