Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.
Weezy F Baby
Young Money
Mr Carter

The GREATEST rapper alive.
He's the rawest mc in the game. His rhymes are the shit, and everyone know it.
You heard that new Lil Wayne song?

Hell Yeahh, Wayne is the shit.
by weezybabyyyyyy December 17, 2009
a successful rapper from Lousiana
many people may hate but you cannot deny his success
lil wayne 6th studio album "The carter 3" sold over 3 million
by ------lil wayne July 29, 2009
A lyrical mastermind.

many say "oh he raps about the same thing" or "he's too mainstream" however they dont listen what he says. they only hear him. Even if he were saying th same things in every song, he uses a clever, more innovative way to say it each song.

His lines are metaphoracally solid and philisophocally deep on levels most people dont and can't understand. Listen to a song, and note the way he laughs to him self after a good punch line. Also, looking back on the times of "bling bling" he's evolved so much over the years. More so than any lyricist this generation or the one before it.
lil wayne 5 hot punchlines

"even when im layin on my back im never backing down, so over stand me"~unstoppable

"hollygrove gangsta, mix tap mangla, wheels on the coup; lips bigger than Topangas"~young money hospital

"you see just jill on the hill, i knock jack off. But this aint nursery, this is brain surgery, ski masks on my bullets let them commit brain burglery"~Trouble maker

"Young money balla, i deserve a tall bitch, if these walls could talk they aint talking 'bout yall shit"~So Fly

"Man i remember when these bitches were just 'hey ho'. hey ho how you doin? Me, im doing every fuckin thang. Smokin them dykes im on that Marry fucking Jane"~The other side
by ravelinkone September 04, 2009
the best rapper alive. a proven fact! dewayne michael carter jr; aka lil wayne aka weezy.f.baby.
man fuck all yall that says lil wayne cant rap. i believe thats why yall aint pullin hoes and stackin paper like him. u say hes ugly? is that why hes pullin more hoes than you? hes prolly pullin your mama. hate on him. hes a rapper and a rocker... wat r u ??.... a BITCH!!
former member of "hot boys". lil wayne, turk, bg, juvenile. and has put out many mixtapes and albums, nxt album... the rebirth. hes unstoppable!
by weezy fanatic April 20, 2009

seriously all you dumb fucks saying hes got no flow and shit have to shut the fuck up seriously its called being clever when you can make punchlines that make fags like you stop talking
by fuckthehaters September 08, 2009
The best rapper alive who has a ton of haters but he doesnt care cause he sells a million records in the first week and gets paid big. CEO of both Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records. Has a feud with NY rapper 50 Cent. Southern Rapper. Blood(according to him). has dreads. Tattoed body from the waist up.

Nicknames:Weezy, Weezy F., Weezy F. Baby, Wayne, The Carter, Carter, and The Best Rapper Alive
Lil Wayne is the HOTTEST MC in the game today.
by omersasi24 April 04, 2009
Best Rapper Alive. Nuf said.
Fuck u haters. Lil Wayne is Hip hop.
by Wezzy 4 life April 25, 2009

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