the best rapper alive even better than kanye west
by serafin campos August 10, 2008
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The best rapper alive. Probably the most underrated rapper to come up since he's from the south, and created the term bling bling. Youngest member of the Cash Money camp who first appeared on B.G.'s "True Story" album in 1993.

At the age of 24 he has put out more quality material than pretty much any rapper at his age, and is set to release "Tha Carter III" this year, which is the most anticipated album of 2007 as listed by XXL.

Also getting hated on by nearly everyone who posted a definition on urbandictionary.com

Works include:
Tha Block is Hot
Lights Out
500 Degreez
Tha Carter
Tha Carter II
Tha Carter III (Coming in 2007)
Get it how u live (Hot Boys)
Guerilla Warefare (Hot Boys)
Let Em Burn (Hot Boys)
Like Father, Like Son (with Birdman)
Sqad Up mixtapes 1-6 the remix
Dedication 1 & 2
Da Drought 1, 2, & 3 (out soon)
Tha Prefix
Tha Suffix
Lil Weezyana Vol. 1
Young Money Vol 1 & 2
Blow: The I Can't Feel My Face Prequel (with Juelz Santana)
Tha W. Carter Collection 1 & 2
The Color of Money (w/Curren$y)
Tha Carter Files
The Greatest Rapper Alive 1 & 2
None Higher: We Got the Remix

Anyone who has listened to the evolution of Lil Wayne will know that he truly is the best rapper alive right now... his work ethic is unparralled in the rap game.
Knowledgable rap fan: "Lil Wayne's released more hot material at the age of 24 than most artists in their whole career... how can he not be the best?"
Hater: "He's ugly... that's wack"
KRF: smh...
by Young Money Mike March 26, 2007
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The best rapper alive, alot of people hate and say he is not lyrical, but who can come up with a line like "And Since We Like To Travel, She Let Us Run A Train". Tell me.You cant. Yes he kissed baby but look how much pussy he gets. Never have you heard he kissed another man except baby who he calls his father. Weezy.F.Baby
Weezy F.
Weezy F Baby
Lil Wayne
"Best Rapper Alive"
by Janice.d December 05, 2007
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Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.
Weezy F Baby
Young Money
Mr Carter

The GREATEST rapper alive.
He's the rawest mc in the game. His rhymes are the shit, and everyone know it.
You heard that new Lil Wayne song?

Hell Yeahh, Wayne is the shit.
by weezybabyyyyyy December 17, 2009
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Best rapper of his time; as of now. Not yet the best but will be by the end. Dude has hot albums dating back to "tha block is hot" all the way up to his most recent (and more known) "tha carter" cd's. Additionally, dude has countless mixtapes....and they are all hot. In his own words,"i can jump on any nigga song and make a part two." Need proof? His mixtapes are so sick that they have had big enough postitive reaction and sold well enough for him to move back the date for his "tha carter III"
"Hardbody mothafucka, got the heart of a killa, young God in the builiding bout to start a religion, bout to call bin laden up and order some missiles, bring em strait to your block and go to war with you bitches, if you hit the head then the rest fall in position, shoot a nigga on his porch and make him fall in his kitchen."--Hardbody

"My leather so soft but dont think i ain't hard, bitch say weezy make it rain, i say bitch i ain't god, but i am god's son, but you know i ain't nas, he got a positive aim and i aim nines."--Beat Without Bass

lil wayne
by CrownBeam April 21, 2008
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One of the legendary rappers that 10-year-olds on Urban Dictionary repeatedly diss because they have never his music.

Born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., Lil Wayne is a rapper from Hollygrove, New Orleans, LA. When he was young he was signed into Cash Money Records because of his talent, and has since handpicked other talented rappers like Drake and Tyga into his own record label, Young Money. Weezy made his first compilation album when he was 11. The guy's been around to see all kinds of rap, and his style of rap is one of the more catchy and lyrical.

What a lot of people don't seem to get is that hip-hop and rap music DOESN'T have to be about socially conscious things to be good music. Think about pop. How many pop singers talk about the world? Lil Wayne is no different. So what if he doesn't spit bars about world peace on every track? It's good music, and it's music for the soul. Plus, he talks about socially conscious stuff too, just not usually in his music videos.

Lil Wayne IS NOT a wannabe, weak, gay, etc. The reason all you 10-year-olds are hating on him is because he's become rich off his music and none of you can seem to stand a lyrical genius making money. Think about this: If everybody thinks Lil Wayne is bad, how come every one of his Tha Carter albums has been certified Platinum? Anybody who either grew up with Lil Wayne or heard his albums and mixtape will agree that Lil Wayne is a genius.

Go on Weezy, you'll forever be remember as the best.

Lil Wayne is a lyricist who is hated by fake hip hop fans.
by realacy April 03, 2015
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Lil WAyne has many haters. Personally, i think he is a fucking god. Lil Wayne can rap very well and has probably gotten farther in life and has made many many more acomplishments than most people will in their lives. I think people should look up to Lil wayne as a role model. Not for his drug abuse behaviour. Yeah sure that wasnt the greatest road to take but your father probably smokes weed too. Anyways. Read his biography or autobiography or something because you know the guy had a pretty hard life. And maybe that will get you to think the next time you call him a faggot.
person 1: ahhh lil waynes music is awesome...
Person 2: yeah it sure is. this guy had a tough life... im gonna cut him a little slack
by mollymai March 13, 2011
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