fag rapper that thinks hes the best rapper alive

hypocrite that thinks hes the next 2pac
then says he is the best rapper alive
lil wayne is a hypocrite
#lil #wayne #fag #weezy #gay
by dixis normus November 24, 2008
often confused as a niglet because he is very short.
Has a big head both physically and mentally.
sucks dick.
hes name describes the size of his dick.
described as a choad
look at that niglet, oh wait that's lil wayne
#choad #midget #faggot #short #homosexual
by riaumc September 23, 2008
Having small genatalia, specifically applies to men.
"haha look at that lil wayne"

"Lil wayne has a lil wayne"
#lil #wayne #fag #shit music #bitch ass nigga
by Blunted420 September 02, 2008
A Rapper That Thinks Hes The Best Rapper Alive. He Has NO type Of Flow. And He Steals Lyrics He Is Not The Best Rapper Alive. If Anythin its Jay Z Or Kanye.

And For The Record. I Did My Research And Lil Wayne's HIGHEST Selling Album (Tha Carter 3) Went 2x Platinum (Barely) And Kanye West's LOWEST Selling Album (Late Registration)Coincadentially Went 2x Platinum
Lil Wayne Steals Lyrics From Jay Z, Biggie, 2Pac, Andre 3000, Aaliyah. And More... Look Up "Swagger Jacker" On Youtube
#lil #wayne #is #not #the #best
by RIEL_1 August 18, 2008
A dumbass drunk who always raps about sex and money
#pervert #asshole #dick #fucker #head
by ghettocrack July 17, 2008
A retarded duchebag that probably came out from the wrong hole during his birth .

He thinks he's a gangster, but he shots himself in the chest (what kind of gangster is that).

That piece of shit is killing Hip-Hop.

He sings about hoes, money, car and even claims himself sexy, but looks like a living diarrhea.

His only fans are rich little kids thinking being in the ghetto is the shit, don't know anything about Hip-Hop and the only word these retarded are saying is hater, thinking it's killing people or something.

The following line is in every songs that egocentric bitch made: I'm_____ like ______ (This is sooo poetic)

Lil Wayne is also a member of YMCMB, witch means: Young Monkeys Creating Major Bullshit.
Dumbass: YO MAAAN. Did you hear the last Weezy (Lil Wayne) songs.

Me: Oh, you mean the one that talks about that whore he fucked? No.

Dumbass: Yooo why are you hatiiiiing.

Me: -__-
#ymcmb #wezzy #hip-hop #duchebag #gangster
by Jerk595 April 12, 2012
Tied with Gucci Mane as the most ignorant rapper alive.
lil wayne is, quite possibly, the most ignorant rapper alive. Or maybe Gucci Mane...I can't quite make up my mind.
#lil wayne #gucci mane #ignorant #rapper #rap
by RAWSTUNMEATLER November 22, 2009
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