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The language spoken by rapper Lil Jon, lil speak consists mainly of three words...YEAH, WHAT, OKAY, and the ocassional LET'S GO! Lil speak is derived from the commonly spoken english language but it will soon be a universally spoken unilanguage.
Dave: You want to go get something to eat?
Tom: WHAT?
Dave: I said do you want to get something to eat?
Tom: WHAT?
Dave: Tom, are you deaf?! Do you want some fucking food?!
Dave: I hate lil speak. Damn you, Lil Jon! Damn you to hell!
by arel May 21, 2007
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A dialect of written slang used by littles, mostly on chat and message boards. Spelling is extremely phonetic, reflects child-like speech impediments, and may be otherwise incorrect. Grammar is extremely child-like. Comments frequently reflect child-like miscomprehension of others' comments.

Come to think of it, that describes ebonics, too.
Me tawk wilspeak. Me spel fonetikly waseber dat iz. Me wub my Grammy. She not chidish.
by Downstrike August 16, 2005
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