the kid in my art class
hey romeo, pass me the coloured pencils!
by bored old me January 21, 2005
it's like that whodi

-"My Baby"
by Mellany October 11, 2003
son of master p.
he gots a good rapping voice but is wasted by bad lyrics.
if he had better skills at rapping he would make it to the top.
lil romeo has a badass voice for rapping but has bad myrics
#lil #romeo #bad #voice #remix
by king jc 1515 December 12, 2007
the secret is, he and lil bow wow are actually best friends and oft giggle about pretending they are enemies
example not needed, i think it is pretty self explanatory but apparently this must be 20 words long
by bored old me January 21, 2005
sexy nigga gud lukin asss
damn lil romeo his gud,no i mean he might not have the talent but moneey talks.
#sexy #gud lukin' #man u gud #tight #no talent
by honet July 12, 2006
he's the greatest rapper from tha south..his dad is master P... he acted in movie Honey... u don't like him just cuz you're jeleous...
this is lil romeo? yes..he played in honey, remember?
#master p #honey #rap #hip hop #south
by Yasna August 28, 2006
a fine lil boi who has great talent and looks better than bow wow could eva hes not someone to be dissin...cause all these gurls dat like him got some good taste....cause i knoe dat i like him..actually luvvv him and always will..fosho
lil romeo is sooo fine..

look at dat fine lil boi romeo!!oohweeee
by Baby Girl Juliet January 10, 2005
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