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The unfortunate occurrence of a male having a small penis. can also be used in place of calling somebody a pussy.
yo I heard A.P. got lil meat!
by PCORE August 20, 2011
refering to a guy who isn't packing enough or a girl wit not enogh in the trunk
talkin to some one sayin whadup lil meat
by Beefy101 June 06, 2006
1. an inefficient meatpacker 2. Johnny 3. one who underperforms due to lack of genitalia size
Dang man you see that Johnny man?

Yey, he got lil meat
by BIGMEAT December 03, 2008
Those punks over on Smiley Dr, St. Andrews and Alsace who have no juice, no funk, just a pack of cowards & h8rs. A cancer which has spread through LA and needs to be cured.
Jefferson Park used 2 B alright until all that LiL meat moved in.
by RXX'S NHB 18K CK December 30, 2008

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