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lil mac - short for mackenzie, is an extremely beautiful girl. She is currently in a relationship with Nash Michel. Mackenzie has the best qualities of any girl boasting beauty, intelligence, hotness, and likability. She will never treat you wrong and as long as you can treat her as good as (Nash Michel) does than you should be set. Other guys back the fuck off. The definition of mackenzie is actually perfection itself.
Jim - "Holy shit, that girl is beautiful! She reminds me of Mackenzie"

Gibbons - "Of fucking course she does jim her names Mackenzie for fucking cats sakes"

slang: lil mac
by definently not Nash.. March 15, 2013
A really hot chic on myspace with only guys as friends
Look at her friends list she's just a lil mac.
by anonymous523 January 02, 2007
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