A Internationally well-known Super Producer who is known for creating the Crunk sound and other sub-genre's such as; Crunk'nb (Usher-Yeah) and Crunkcore. He has a generic American name (Johnathon Smith for those who don't know).
Always with the dreadlocks, grills, tatoos and pimp cup. He is the man responsible for producing the album and song, My Ghetto Report Card and Tell Me When To Go (E-40), that put the SF Bay Area in to the mainstream national limelight. As everyone know's he upped the ante on the words, YEAH, WHAT, OKAY! But he is also the King of not only Crunk but the king of Hyping Up songs and remixes. He also say's hype shit like JUMP! LETS GO! MUTHAFUCKA! or MUTHAFUCK! to add emphasis on something. (YOU SCARED! MUTHAFUCKA! YOU SCARED!) (WHY YOU FUCKIN WITH ME?!? DONT BE FUCKIN WITH ME!!!!!!!!!) All hailing from the ATL- dirty south region of the US. (Also know for starting the East Side Boys: Sam and the other guy. Bo I Wanna say)
The Ghost of Mac Dre aka Furl: Damn the cutty Lil Jon straight up brought the yay back on the map! Fa sho bruh!
by J-$crilla December 11, 2009
He does for your ears what a T-bone steak does for your mouth!!!!!
Lil jon is a godsend to the club scene. If you think he's repetetive, loud, annoying and non- complex with his lyrics, i've got news for you....
I Dont wanna hear that shit when i'm at home eating cornflakes or blastin through my livin room wall from a crazy nieghbor. i wanna hear inspired flows i can think about so i can look up and say crap like "This guy know what he's talkin about!"
But if you put me in a packed out night spot with those off beat kicks vibrating up my legs and every girl in the place creamin over those high melodies and i'll put my mother fuckin hands up high in the sky and scream "WE RUN THIS"
as many times as the king demands!
Its not Shakespeare but it still shakes like a salt shaker!!(sorry, couldn't resist)

get your ass to the club to find out how good he really is!

lil jon - rep yo city
by David osman August 29, 2006
1)King Of crunk
2)From Atlanta, Georgia

He doesn't really rap but he is a producer and in alot of the songs he produces in the background he says things like 'What' 'Yeah'
'Okay' and 'Lets go' in a way that only Lil Jon can do.
Lil Jon's new song was crunkfull.
by Allison The White Girl January 22, 2005
not only doesnt lil jon only say yeeaaaaah wuuutttttttt oooooooookay and letssss gooooo there is the occasional WAATCHHHH OUTTTTTTTT
the guy prob got paid 1 mill dollars to sing in the yeah song with usher and all he says is 5 words over and over!!!!
by Annie May 10, 2004
producer, wont be recognize if no oakleys and pimp cup showed, can do w/o eastside boyz, should change to "masta jon and bodyguard boyz"
"we at capacity"
"tha mean we full"
"urhhh... let me he u say 'yeahhh'"
by chingga ling March 06, 2005
1. A character in Robinhood (but spelled wrong).

2. Referring to the small size of a man's penis.
1. "Little John's not little at all, is he?"

2. "Man, we was ready to git down and then he whips out his Lil' Jon."
by Brainiac January 08, 2005

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