1. A hip-hop artist known for his use of only these three words: YEAH, OKAY, and WHAT. In every song cameo, he will use only the above listed words.
2. Also knowns as a method of repelling telemarketers.
"Enjoy your flight sir."
"enjoy your flight sir."
"Enjoy your flight sir."
"Enjoy your flight sir."

"Hello, my name is Bob from Telemarketing Evangelists..."
"Hello, my name is Bob from Telemarketing Evangelists..."
"Sir, is there a legal adult over the age of 18 in the house?"
"Sir, is there a legal adult over the age of 18 in the house?"
"May I speak to them?"
by fro July 10, 2004
Most people label him as untalented and unrelentlessly saying "YEAAH", "WHAAT?", and "OOKKAAY". He's actually a producer, not a rapper, although he does say whole lot more than people credit him for. If anything, he's a genius. Not just anybody can get millions by saying 3 words consecutively. He also helped kick off L'il Scrappy's career, and that Dave Chapelle Show episode was in COLLABORATION with Li'l Jon. Pay attention dummy.
Check dis out right (Yea)
Lil' Jon and the motherfuking East Side Boyz
The Kings of Krunk
Back at you with some new shit
Now just because we went platinum and shit don't mean we gone change nigga
We the muthafuking Kings of Krunk and we gon' always keep this muthafucker krunk
Now let's talk about some more music

-from the song, "What You Gon' Do

He actually has a whole verse too. If that doesn't shut you up why don't you go settle the score with him hm?
by ShoonXL January 12, 2005
a nutso nigga hailing from ATL. yea i think everyone knows he cant rap, maybe cuz he just doesnt. just cuz he's black doesnt mean he sings r&b or has to rap. hes a producer for many dirty south artists, and reknown king of krunk wit the eastside boyz
by D-I-P lowridah January 05, 2005
Obnoxious dumbass who shouts the same 3 words in every songs "yeah, what, okay", purposely trying to be annoying.

His physical appearance is equally as repulsive, with him blowing his hot smelly breath at you through big dirty gold "grillz". He seems to always try to show his teeth off, and in the process, sounds like an idiot when he talks.

Yes, he is the king of 'crunk' (crazy and drunk), for he always seems highly intoxicated, and he acts like a madman.

I've seen his graduation pictures, and i'm surprised he actually got that far. My first impression of him was a dropout moron who lacks a 2nd grade education, and can't read (see "Ying Yang Twins"), so obviously he knows something, but he chooses to hide it.

What does he care? He's making millions off of those stupid morons buying his garbage.
Please, get this nutcase "Lil Jon" outta my face!
by gplpark92 August 01, 2006
one of the worst rappers out there - the kind of guy who brings rap music its bad stereotypes.
does nothing except bastardise the English language in his music and randomly yell 'YEEEAAAH!', OKAAAYYY!', 'WHAAAATTT!' and 'CRUUUNK!' like a retard.
a god for wiggers and poseurs everywhere.
lil jon is a prime example of what too much 'purple drank' will do to you.
by abbas224 July 24, 2007
The king of crunk and the best back-up and front man rapper. Is classified by his use of the words WHAT, YEAH, & OKAY
Man Lil' Jon seems to be everywhere lately.

YEAH, he kicks ass
by Jamin Ho December 16, 2004
lil jon is one crucial nigga. you have to respect him for bringing crunk music out of the underground and into the mainstream. yeah he does kind of make a career out of "yeah, what and okay" but thats just an act. hes really a serious producer who is worth about 60 trillion dollars. he can help to lead to a musical revolution of some sort of crunk rock mix.
please lil jon save music from its dead state. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
by aaron and pat April 16, 2005

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