a hip hop group that you cant understand any of the words and loves the word crunk
"Man I listened to the lil jon and the eastside boyz cd and the only word i could i could understand was crunk"
by Bob May 01, 2004
Top Definition
The most overrated hip hop group in the business today. Their songs are characterized by a lot of screaming and repetitive lyrics with random strings of swears and the phrases "WHHHAAATTT", "YEEEAAAHH", and "OOKKAAY".
guy #1: did you hear the new lil jon and the eastside boyz album?
guy #2: Why would I want to hear Lil Jon screaming "bitch bitch motherfucka bitch" over and over again? I listen to Jay-Z, Atmosphere, etc. You know, good stuff.
by shadowcaster187 March 07, 2006
the best rap group ever. they are a punk crunk mix that kciks ass
Lil jon is sweeet and his eastisde boys
by LilJOnwhattt: July 12, 2005
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