1) someone that complains like a little whiny baby when asked to do simple things like go to lunch 10 min away on the f#$@% subway.

2) Tech Guys, Sales Guys and Anyone not in finance

(Usually non American citizens)
Richard: "Hey You all want to go to china town for some good Vietnamese food?"

Sales Guy/Tech Guy/Fashionista:"No thanks ..let's go local. It's Wednesday. We can go there Friday." (lil bandit emoticon)

John: "Stop being a LIL BITCH...i am going without y'all."

Gusman: "is it free?" The stock is up!

Charles: "Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? "

Lunch still happening at 12:30 for non LIL BITCHES
by lilbadit555 November 09, 2011
Top Definition
a. Midget
b. someone you own
haha look at that lil bitch
go get the ball, yea u lil bitch
by josh March 27, 2003
a 20 year old kid who looks like hes 13 with shitty tattoos trying to act hard. gets out of fights by says "do you know who i roll with" and also for having a dr excuse. considered sucking off twenty dudes to be in a crew...."and i get to be in syg?" once was mistaken for Dakota Fanning.
Davis from visalia is a lil'bitch
by visalia January 05, 2008
someone who is whiny af and doesn't do anything for themselves
i.e colton carson
stop being a lil bitch and go get a job
by Minionlover57 July 15, 2015
a lil bitch is someone who no mater what they do, they piss you off. every little movement or word that passes through their lips sends waves of hatred down your spine. Someone is particularly a lil bitch if it is someone you and your friends collectively hate and mock in private adn sometimes even right next to them without them noticing.
Kira is such a lil bitch, i always want to punch her fake, stuck up, self-righteous face

yea i said it youre a lil bit of a lil bitch
by cyrust November 10, 2013
endearing use of little - lil used with bitch Babe In Total Control of Herself, and that's my Sara!
One lil respected gal who is in total control of herself.
by Jane March 11, 2004
ninintellectual non-quating members who try to make fun of cool kids in school for being social and not social rejects such as themselves
idiot or lilbitch
by youradoucherejectneedicontinue December 27, 2010
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