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A Like Slut is someone who Likes everything on Facebook.. No Matter what..
A: "Did u check her image? C had liked it"
B: "I don't see everything C likes, he is the Like Slut.. Likes everything"
by pawan'sadouche February 17, 2012
3 1
The person on Facebook who will "like" virtually any possible interest or page that Facebook presents them regardless of whether they have a genuine interest in it.
OMG, my friend Dylan is such a like-slut, he's always giving the thumbs up to every possible thing there is to like on Facebook.
by purvisanathema January 26, 2011
8 1
Someone on Facebook that overuses and generally abuses the "like" function.
Barbara: so its kinda fun.. i can pretty much 'like' EVERYTHING. Im making a game of how many likes i can make tonight

Jamison: Likeslut.
by JahWeir June 17, 2010
12 5