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1.A cross between a lesbian and hipopotamous.
2.A lesbian hipopotamous
3.A really fat lesbian
4.A lesbian that likes licking hippos pussy/s
5.A hippo that likes licking lesbians pussy/s
6.A lesbian that looks like a hippo
7.A hippo that looks like a lesbian
8.A lesbian that likes pussys
9.A hippo that likes pussys
*in the middle of africa*

"Whoa, look at those to likalotapus' licking each others pussy."

"the likalotapus couldn't fit through the door"

"i didn't know you could fit your head and toungue up a lickalotapus"

"thats just cruelty to likalotapus'"
by surfsup1212 September 11, 2006
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