Some weirdo who hangs out on the PLA forums.
I had to have my carpet cleaned after Liife came to my house.
by OMG HAX October 21, 2003
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Top Definition
What happens before deeath.
by Robumitsu Hotaro October 15, 2003
a totally kickass person. Invented Linux when he was a cyborg. Lover to RBCP.
"once liife talked to me. I almost melted"
by Liife October 14, 2003
Leader of the Scum, high-toppers. All-around jackass, and good-for-nothing. Exellent canidate for forced sterilization.
I, as everyone, wish to destroy liife.
by Squirmanator December 13, 2003
a sexy hunk of manmeat
I need some liife in my life
by Thumbelina October 15, 2003

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