Someone who has a low tolerance to alcohol, i.e get's pissed off three pints.
p1: Get me another beer mate!!!!!!
p2: I wouldn't, he's pissed already.
p3: Yeah, he is such a lightweight.
by Ryan K S July 09, 2006
a person who is inexperienced in a certain area (normally in alcohol or drugs)
old man drinking:how many have you had kid?

kid: 10...haha how about you haha??

old man drinking: 26...and i'm not even buzzing...i remember when i was a kid like you i could get drunk off of it takes anout 34 to get me drunk.

kid: daaamn hahahaha.....i am soo drunk right now haha

old man drinking: hmph...lightweight.
by fathomthisbitch July 10, 2008
Someone who cant hold their beer (gets drunk off of 4 beers)
See Bone dizzle for example
by Bone diz is gay March 02, 2003
someone who pukes after like a few drinks when there friend is chugging them down with ease

being a lightweight is nothing to do with height or size its just who has a stronger stomach
Boy 1: "OMG! did you see that girl last night?
Boy 2: "Yeahh dude, that one that was throwing up all over the place?
Boy 1: lol .. her friend was hammering them down..

Boy 2: OWNED
Both: such a lightweight
by geniusperson February 10, 2010
A person who is physically weak or below par with regard to weightlifting and/or power lifting. Typically used by 8 time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman during his years of training.
Ronnie Coleman whilst training shouts "LIGHTWEIGHT, LIGHTWEIGHT BABY!, YEAH BUDDY!" before attempting a serious lift.
by Madv October 06, 2009
Describing the quantity of something or the severity of a situation.
I was lightweight excited to see him today.
by itz nuthin 2 me biatch February 13, 2005
Being a 3 beer queer. When every girl at the party is out drinking you. When all of your buddies have to cut you off at 5 beers, or else it could get ugly.
Damn that Evan-O kid is such a lightweight, he is already puking and he has only had 3 beers.
by bigg dogg 9 October 20, 2009
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