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To firmly grasp and lift the testicles of the person you are anally penetrating.

Coined after prominent anti-gay activist George Alan Rekers hired a rentboy for a week long sex vacation and claimed that the young man was hired to "lift my luggage."
As he pounded my wrinkled old ass, Lucien reached around and started to lift my luggage, causing me to cry out "Hallelujah!"
#anal sex #ballplay #reach around #evangelist #gay
by GayHypocrites May 04, 2010
3 Words related to lift my luggage
Phrase used to describe taking a homosexual prostitute on a European vacation, while being an advocate of Gay to Straight conversion therapy.
George Rekers (co-founder of Anti-Gay Family Research Council) hired a blonde hustler on and took him to Ibiza for a 10 day vacation, when confronted with this news he claimed he hired the boy to "lift my luggage".
#hiking the appalachian trail #hypocrite #self loathing #gay to straight #gay
by ProfessionalSmartAss May 04, 2010
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