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1.makes you the happiest person in the world
2.saves your life by telling you good news or good information
Kiera your my lifesaver!
Omgosh you are such a lifesaver!!
by stiney June 01, 2006
Another name for a cheat sheet
Tim was caught cheating during an exam.

Prof: "Tim?!"
Tim: "I can explain, I wasn't cheating, I.....it was a lifesaver"
by ranger_PF December 19, 2009
LifeSavers, a delicious candy.

Comes in hard and soft.
LifeSavers comes in all different colo(u)rs, they're good to chew, eat and/or bite.
by Mysti March 10, 2008
A bullet-proof vest.
You niggas best have yo life savers.
by marc ipsen October 06, 2004
1. A friend or any other person who just helped you in an emergency or difficult situation

2. Generally, a reliable friend who you can always count on to help you out or to say yes when you ask for a favor
Thank you so much for fixing my car, man, you're a real lifesaver!
by via-44 July 30, 2012
Term for birth control medication.
Defiantly raw dog her dude, I saw her eating up her life savers yesterday.
by Marc G. October 03, 2006
the act of 5 girls providing oral to one individual with different colored lipsticks.
Man, last night Nisha, Ojal, Pragyamti, Padmaja, and Noor gave me a great lifesaver!
by habib patel January 31, 2009