A person who fails miserable at every major aspect of life, such as marrige, rasing a family, career, finances, ect. This person is usually full of advice which you should never take, and will try and belittle everything you do.
Dan: "I stopped over at Tony's house last night, what a suprise.
Al: "why?"
Dan: "awww, his house looked like a club house, his kids were running around screaming, his wife was a fatass wreck laying on the couch doing nothing, plus he told me he lost his job again and has no money. Then he tries to tell me how I need to paint my house and get a new car"
Al: " he's a real life loser huh?"
by Joey BeefBuicker August 05, 2010
Top Definition
A person of small stature from Canada who's own life is so bankrupt that he spends every waking moment trying to berate people on Internet messageboards with lame, unwitty insults.
Yeah that trust guy is a real lifeloser.
by yh! September 29, 2006
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