Life is a confusing thing. Life mostly involves bacon, sitting, eating, and waiting to eat more food. That's basically it. This is the true meaning of life.
"Why is life so confusing?" "It will all be okay just keep eating bacon."
by Bacon is inside you March 24, 2013
1. hell
2. to extremist christians (aka everyone in MY life) it is "A time to glorify and enjoy God forever! Hallelujah!"
3. a piece of shit that is worthless and ends the way it begins... in a state of nothingness.
4. a time when you can just be atheist and have unclouded judgement.
5. not worth living.
Wow- I can't get a boyfriend. why is everyone unattracted to me? I can't get anti-depressants because i'm not 18 yet. I don't want to deal with this shitbag called life anymore.

*sigh* i'm pretty but no one notices.
by PhantomPhan April 18, 2007
Life.. it is pointless. Think of all the 6 billion people who are living.. How many do you know? Think of all of the billions of dead.. how many do you remember on a daily basis? They may have lived longer than you and you don't even think about them, what was the point of living so long? Going through all those hardships and you are still forgotten... Even those who affect your daily lives are forgotten. You may think you will get passed on by friends and family, but you won't. "Oh yeah, I didn't know this guy, but apparently he was cool."? So why try in life..?

I am not emo I have just learned an inevitable truth of life, maybe too soon.
Any human being who has had a life is an example.
by Roflawlolmao October 22, 2008
1.)Entertainment for God.
2.) Someone you can blame all troubles on
Meet Life
by sekai October 25, 2003
A huge void between conception and death, where souls exist and compete for as long as possible to remain in that void.
When the philosopher finally discovered the meaning of life, he committed suicide before telling everyone else about it.
by AYB June 19, 2003
life= 3240. in algebra 2 or more letters or numbers next to eachother means they are multiplied. L (12th letter in alphabet) times I (9th) times F (6th) times E (5th)
dude.... 12x9x6x5=3240... thats like the answer to life man... woa
by firechild245 May 06, 2006
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