an endless downward spiral of false hopes that are there only to be crushed and ur left empty inside longing for a purpose
completely pointless
by Ur inner self March 28, 2004
The most fatal disease of all-time. Life has killed more people than all the other diseases combined. Life still kills tens of thousands of people everyday, and even more plants, animals, and insects. Side effects often include more diseases, suicide wounds, pain, sleep deprivation, stress, eating disorders and mental disorders. Your diagnosis of Life is shown on your birth certificate; see birth certificate. Also see birthday.
Life is a serious fatal disease that is not to be joked about.
by Help stop spreading the disease September 13, 2006
God's sick, twisted idea of a joke.
It's horrible, hard and sticky.

..but I still wish I had one.
Get a life!
What's that?
by Drunken Goddess April 30, 2005
A series of tasks and duties between blowjobs.
So, Mr. Clinton, how's life ??
by Mojo Mojowitz September 22, 2005
Life is unpredictable, but death is inevitable. People take life for granted, thats probably why you feel like it goes away too fast. You must look beyond the universe to find out what life really is. Take some serious time, and actually think back about life, and think deeply, your heart and mind will guide you to figuring out unanswered questions. Life is like a question, and you are the one that needs to answer: What is life?
The human mind is the strongest aspect.
The mind can only project so much thought, but if you go beyond, you will be surprised at how much more you know.
by Wilson Yeh January 02, 2007
A game played by high school students in Perth, Australia, originates in Morley SHS, created originally by Scott Fairclough, Adin Sehic and Lewis Todman. The purpose of life is to kick a small bottle, ball, or empty milk carton through the legs of other players. A penalty is issued when a player is caught with his feet too close together for the ball to pass through. When a player has the ball kicked between his or her legs, or is issued a penalty, all the other players get to punch that player. In this way, it is similar to the game "Barcode."
"Hey, let's call the game 'life' so when someone loses we can say they suck at life!" -Lewis Todman

"I got these bruises because I suck at life"
by Shinobi Church July 03, 2005
Life is like a dick, when it gets hard fuck it!
by I'll never tell August 21, 2003
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