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1) Life is a horrible time in which finally ends at death... Unfortantly it doesn't end soon enough

2) Something the rich(2nd-1st class) complain about, and the poor(3rd) strife.

3) Something God(I'm a God freak, so what?) gave us and we destroy. And not only with drugs and alcohol. TV, computer(my flaw!), bad language, public school, the list goes on

4) Something that I have not experianced... I'm writing in the Urban Dictionary, spend my days online... I mean, come on!
1) Don't worry about life, friend. Another day you live, closer to death you are!

2) Reg teen girl: "Life sucks!"
Me: "There are people living off of what you through out into the trash! Try living before you complain about it!"

3) Dude with a death wish: "I'm going to kill myself!"
me: "Why? God gave us life to live? Why end it before you're time."
Dude: "Grow up, kid. Then you'll know there is not God."
Me: " :/ "

4) That stupid red teen girl agn!: "Life sucks!"
Me: "Wouldn't know. Don't got one."
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what you don't have... boo yah bitch!
stop standing on that fucking corner and get a life!
by Chi Chi Gonzalez August 12, 2003
8 24

Life's a bastard, then you marry one, then you die.
Crystal: "Life's a fucking bitch girl!

Nina: "Whats wrong home-girl?"

Crystal: "When I was in the hospital, my husband slept with that fucking, twacked out skank, spunderella DeAnne."

Nina: "Ohhh NO he didn't! Men are such fucking pigs! Life's not a BITCH honey; life's a BASTARD, then you marry one, then you die.
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But sex. Nah!
by Emmanuel Noriega August 07, 2003
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The lethal process by which your asshole is expanded in diameter through a series of anal penetrations.
by cynical asshole June 19, 2003
16 40
something that resembles a big scotch gard commercial.
i am god.
by j00r April 10, 2003
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life life life life life
life is bad sometimes
by abeer April 18, 2005
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