The meaningless void between birth and death.
Life's a bitch, and then you die.
by Mr. Cynic May 29, 2005
A state of being created by a benevolent deity in order that man may experience the twin pleasures of beer and sex. Although it has been postulated that team sports and a good testicle-scratch constitute two of the pillars of life, the true meaning is in fact just beer and sex. Be advised, however, that it is not simply a matter of drinking as much beer and having as much sex as you can; these actions alone lead to spiritual imbalance and sundry unwholesome disorders of the body. The quality of the beer and the awesome-ness of the sex matter every bit as much as the acts themselves. Well it behooves you then to master the zen of a life of beer and sex. Be aware that many people never fully comprehend the simple purity of the way, as they stagger from one meaningless relationship to another, often sinking into a debased state in which wine, exotic cheeses, opera, and other devices of Satan are appreciated. What then, you ask, is the true path to righteousnous? What should man aspire to in life? The tao of beer and sex is explicit about this. Drink ye of good quality beer, that it's amber goodness may invigorate and pleasure you, and strive towards a relationship with a pair of bi-sexual women. Bi-sexual twins are the real jackpot, of course, and any man attaining this nirvana of relationships will be pointed out in the street and viewed with an almost religious awe by other men. In summary then, remember that the key to solving all of life's varied problems lies in the bottom of a glass, or looks smashing in a skimpy black evening dress.
Person 1: I feel lost and hopeless, adrift in a sea of depression.
Priest: Oh for goodness' sake, be a man. Find yourself a babelicious chick, get smashed, and do her and her sister.
Person 1: Wow! It's all so clear now...

Female: My Mum said that life is a bowl of roses.
Male : Your mother is an idiot. Now get naked and fetch me a beer...
by Big Bad Mark October 02, 2005
A phenomenon I found myself in one day. By no other means shall I try to explain it.
My life is rapidly becoming a pun for a seriously disturbed joke.
by Bulletproof Marshmallow October 27, 2003
context in which the good things are expensive, the yummy things make you fat and the fun things are sinful.
life in the 'emergin' countries
by Cordelia June 24, 2004
life is living.. breathing, smelling, touching, seeing, wanting, wishing, hoping, dreaming.. loving, desiring, hating, despising, grieving, longing.. life is what happens.
We all just live our lives.
by tbell February 16, 2005
A timed multiple choice exam - which most people end up failing.
"Life is a bitch, and then..."
by nethcev! August 26, 2006
Life is a disease, because the final outcome is death.
The life I lead is not being but becoming; I'am a becoming not a being. I'am a being when I'am meditating.
by Tony Valentine July 02, 2003

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