1)life is where you are forced to b unhappy and face death straight after
2)life is a test to determine the strong from the weak
3)it is a masterplan to infiltrate and dipose of the weak
4)an experiment by some cruel force
5)a cover-up i.e. The MATRIX- we are all human batterys livin in the matrix(digital world prison for our minds)designed by A.I.(artificial intelligence)who control everything!
We must free our minds and unite as one to beat the matrix
by willow (Tammy p) June 04, 2003
1)atribute of things that obtain and use energy, excrete waste, reproduce, die, and change/develop
2)a complete and total accident
"I hate myself and i want to die; time to end my life."- famous last words of some guy who had it all figured out
by DonkeyThunder March 03, 2003
Life is what you chose it to be. Your life is in your own hands and will carry out one purpose, your purpose and once you have completed that purpose you have no more worries or regret.
If death is like the wind. What is life.
by Purpose Dream life death September 07, 2016
That thing that can sometimes really seem to suck all the time
bruh, are you ok?
Yeah its just life
by Tanner_M November 27, 2015
Something beautiful and unique . It like a never ending roller coaster and has it ups and its downs. But the best part about it is you can experience the beauty around you ! Don't ever say you will give up because there's a reason . The reason for life is seeing beautiful things being reborn. Life can be torture and be beautiful .
by Hopefulgirl March 11, 2015
An STD that ends in death.
Person 1- My knee itches
Person 2- I fucking hate turnips
Person 1- I fucking hate life
Person 2- You need a therapist man
by _becausefucklife_ September 23, 2014
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