Life's a bitch and when you think it's going alright it turns around and does a shit on your face.
by coppell1934 March 09, 2010
Is a b*tch, and then you die.
"Life's a b*tch, and then you die. Try to make it easier for yourself. Pimp that b*tch and make her your h0e."
by dboyish408 July 26, 2009
Everthing and nothing.
"Who cares it's just life; I'm going to die anyways, so why not enjoy it, it's all there is when it comes down to it."
by blondeserendipity May 03, 2009
a beautiful wonderful scary crazy thing. Its something that makes you:
smile at something sweet
cry when something is sad
laugh at yourself
hope for the future
grieve for your losses
confront your fears
love unconditionaly
really really angry
just plain crazy and much much more.
Life can be what ever you want it to be and you only get one. Make it a good one.
by SDdimples February 18, 2009
When something over the top happens in different situations.
Playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 Gold Max Stars, fighting Shin Akuma. Getting caught by his Raging Demon, takes all of your life.

Player: Omg he just did the Raging Demon...annnnnnnnnnd Life.
by Leanit July 10, 2008
the most disappointing and depressing thing I have come to know
........................I hate life
by frsky June 16, 2008
Life's a shit-sandwich and everyday you have to take another bite!
Finding a man that will hot cheat on you for life, because we all know that every man cheats, it is in their DNA. Men are all pigs!
by The Anrkissed May 09, 2008

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