1.A gift that without all 3 of the following, leads to anger and frustrated definitions, (See previous entries.)

1.Something to do
2.Someone to love
3.Something to look forward to

I don't mean a Natural Born Killers kind of life, either, wiseass.

2.A cereal that leaves your mouth with an aftertatse of a wet book.

3. A magazine known for its outstanding photography of the world and its events.

4. A bored game that should be replaced with RichDadPoorDad's Cashflow 101.

5. Is what's waiting within everyone to unfold. Above all the anger and resentments and darkness. Now is all that matters. Let go of the bullshit and practice patience. Speak up.Be good.
Life sucks.
Try Fruit Loops. And watch "Family Guy".
by FrankC March 10, 2004
Life has no meaning on it's own, you have to define that meaning by yourself. Whether it'd be an influence, or something that you've found out by yourself. However it should be progressive and not move in a vicious cycle, however if you want your life to move in a vicious cycle then so be it, it is not my decision to make the living human that you are.

It can be ugly, yet beautiful at the very same passing moment if you played your cards right.
Vicious cycle - what's the point of life? why do i even live?/ i wish i could just die!11 but beffore i do that, i will go on myspace or livejournal or somewhere where i can get attentshun

Progressive: Disappointed but will not complain, will try to move on, will work hard but not too hard to stress oneself.

by Fossil Roo June 13, 2006
The brief period where the drop is falling from the sky downwards toward the ocean it came from.
Life is--- at the moment of death, you are not one-- you are all.
by Buddha420 January 01, 2006
A board game that sadly is more fun than the real thing.
OH man you totally hacks, instead of me being a billionaire you made me a poor philosopher.

Aww, you spilled semen on my totally cool Life Spongebob Special Edition.
by tpfusion June 05, 2005
Eh, what can you say...shit happens.

Life is the most widespread sexually transmitted desease, far surpassing AIDS. Life is deadly in every occurence. There is currently no cure for life. Common side affects are depression, love, hunger, and diarrhea.

If you feel the sudden urge to bone a girl as most infected people do, please buy a condom so you don't pass on the desease. Thankyou.
I've already spread life to 13 people, each with a different momma.
by CJDJ September 12, 2005
Punishment for eating an apple.
god damn eve and her fat ass for eating an apple, life is her fault.
by DoUNoTylrDurden February 27, 2005
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